Nerf Avenger Nerf Catalina

There are a number of CW kill squads on Xbox crashing 5 K with Catalina Avenger hovers. With 10 Catalina stacks, 3 Avengers hit harder than 2 Typhoons. In addition, Avengers reload about every 3 seconds and the 35 round ammo count is high enough that there is no need for ammo packs or a flywheel.

The thing is, that new players all opt for shotguns or borers. Avengers are only used by seal clubbers. I got invited to try this last night. I joined such a squad of old CW a-holes, played a Jannabi hover in place of Catalina hover and still killed everyone.

I think that having Avengers this strong is bad for the game because new players can’t win with them and old players can’t lose with them.

Seriously? 3 avenger damage max like a tsunami, using more energy. If a team let’s the catalina hoover to stack till 10 than it deserve to lose. These hoovers have couple of hundred durability. Glass canon.

Avengers have been reduced to 4 energy with their ammo buffed to 35 shells. There has also been a bullet speed buff. Veteran players charge up their Catalinas on bots, then unload on real players. New players can’t measure up to this level of sophistication, gear and coordination.

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This is true for all the teams of 4 experienced players with any non trolling builds at 5K PS or anywhere. The advantage is not at the weapons being OP, rather then in teamwork.


Pretty much jalbi

They are going to have to nerf Catalina at some point, question is if they are going to do it properly or if they give it the usual treatment of letting it be op for a long time until finally nerfing it after a lot of money has ben sucked up from packs

They were really slow to nerf the Ermak as well

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Nonsense, 5k matches are so short that it is almost impossible to make good use of Catalina perk, especially if 4 experienced players try that.

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They obviously didn’t seriously consider it higher PS balance when changing to the Avenger, but for the sake of balance can increase the hover PS without changing it to the Avenger

I had the innovative idea to change to 4.5 energy to nerf 3 Avengers users

I say keep the stats and return Avenger to 5 energy.
I’m not playing low PS enough to see many of these builds, but I’ve seen a few, and I think most of us can agree that experienced hover players wouldn’t be running common rarity weapons unless that weapon was OP.

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but the game is just hard to balance. but teamwork. but, but its a challenge. but i dont even play low ps avenger that often, only mostly. yall better stop crying, or else! or else im going to cry too!

What on earth are you talking about?
You are so easily triggered, I’m almost embarrassed for you.


You dont even need to crack a joke but ur still funny man. 3 avengers r 12 energy and hovers aren’t glass cannons at all rn. 5k Avenger hovers have layers of spaced armor and nothing at 5k can take them down effectively.


Ermak got nerfed pretty quick, meanwhile Catalina is the Blight cab for ranged hovers.

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Anyone tested other weapons on spaced hovers at this PS? I mean is it really the cannons or is it “most” weapons on spaced armor hovers at this PS are OP?

I hardly ever build anything that low.

missed this reading through the thread. :100:

Are you serious?
Nerf avengers? Nerf a white part?

No way.
I sold all my cannons but have 3 avengers, they are fun. they are equivalent to SGs (durability and ROF with ECHO or HARPY) and very useful for cannons days

The recent changes were a good call.

Do you have any problem with cannons?
Improve your armour.

The problem isn’t in Avengers


See? Just yesterday you were complaining about weapons not being fun but the ones you couldn’t afford.

This is why.

The desire to nerf it all even a white weapon.

Hovers are strong!
Catalina is strong!
What to do?
I know. Nerf the avengers.

Sorry, man. It makes no sense at all.

The thing is, not just hovers and catalinas use a weapon (whatever may be).

Do you have problems with hovers and catalinas?
I have a better idea, or you join them or buy a couple of yokays

I said Catalina and never anything about Avenger, please go learn how to read

I only saw the OP
and remember of you and that thread of yours

Bump! Looks like they made all of the necessary changes. Serious nerfs to Avengers and Catalina as well as power score increase for hovers. Maybe the developers do read our threads.