Nerf destructor

good afternoon!!! I never complained about any weapon in the game. I’m here to ask for an overhaul on the destructor weapon. just a single shot and almost any weapon (relic, legendary and etc…) is destroyable. It’s absurd for a pass weapon to destroy a relic. I ask that I reviewed all platforms before this weapon. it’s unbearable to see a battle pass weapon destroy a relic with a single shot.


Relics shouldn’t be esteemed as highly as you suggest but destructors are ridiculously overpowered. I have a clip of one doing 1200 damage to my cab. They have a ton of range, are hitscan, and have a massive alpha strike with a fast turning speed. I suggest they lose turning speed as they are firing and they overheat slightly after firing. I like that they have good range and a lot of damage; they are basically spartan lasers but they are just way too easy to use against anything that isn’t a super snappy build.


! I never complained about any weapons in the game. I’m here to ask for a review on the destructive weapon. just a single shot and almost any weapon (relic, legendary and etc…) is destructible. It is absurd for a passing weapon to destroy a relic. I ask that I analyzed all platforms before this weapon. it’s unbearable to see a battle pass weapon destroy a relic with a single shot.

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Narh the more cheap weapons useable to farm with the better. Maybe increase the ps if its a problem in lower ps cool. But no nerfs to strength.

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I’ve already spent more than 10 thousand dollars on this game with passes and game packs and I have more than 6 years of play. I kindly ask for the nerf of this weapon. Impossible for a battle pass weapon to beat a relic. help me gentlemen developers. I ask you to see my account and confirm how much I spend on your game. thank you and help me.
Nick (juniorjr557)

I understand live friend. but.a relic in war of Clan(CW),cannot lose to a LEGENDARY weapon.with one shot it rips any relic.

What makes the Destructor so powerful is its synergy with other components.
Photon Cabin’s perk gives a 30% damage bonus to heated parts, Claws give an extra 4% Damage, Hertz gives an extra 30% damage bonus if you’re moving at a speed of 80 KPH or more. Finally, the agility hovers allow players to swoop in, one-shot someone’s guns, and then fly away towards safety before they can retaliate.

I think most weapons are balanced on their own. Its their synergy with other components that cause major imbalances.

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Just curious is this the first time you felt like a cheap weapon stod a chance against the weapons you paid thousand of dollars for? Do you normaly feel like the expensive weapons are alot better?

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none of these relics on the damage track, reach this level. destructor scores 3574 on the damage track.

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Punishers can easily get that level. Firebugs can get over 9k. Destructors are low-range crap. Just don’t go close to them and protect your weapons.


in no way does a punisher reach this level of damage. only if you use it with your finger without touching it. porcupine also cjegar at this damage level. the relics really have to reach that level.

To be devils advocate, I can get 3500+ with only 5 goblins at 4699 PS.


On my first test alone I was able to get over 8k with firebug flash. I’m sure I could get higher :slight_smile: but not worth trying any more.

It’s hard to hit the meter with porcs :slight_smile: lol
But first attempt was over 7k (not interested enough to build something to get it higher)

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I can max out the meter with 1.5 seconds to spare with two Firebugs and a fused Draco. That’s about 12,000 damage.


I have 3 fused Destructors, 3 fused Cyclones and 3 Nothungs. Lately, I’ve been playing Cyclones or Nothungs over Destructors. While Destructors are good, the range is poor. Also, I disagree that the gun has synergy with other components. Photon cabin may boost damage, but it has low power, low tonnage and makes a very gooshy hover, even when it is fused for +power. Claw wheels have high power drain and poor turning. Hertz only works well against weapons and movement parts. The most effective set for Destructors is on a Beholder cabin with Onamori. This doesn’t do that much damage for a close range weapon. It hits about 3000 on the damage meter. Nothungs are also very accurate and hit 2700 on the damage meter with more than twice the range.

I agree that Destructors do well against Scorpions, Breakers, Mastodons and Typhoons, but the way you play against them is to get close as a Breaker player, or stay far away as a range player. If they are closing ground on you and ducking behind cover while they reload then you are playing into their game and not yours.

Do I need to get in the game and test some exhib vehicles?

I’m not sure where they land on the meter, but punishers are kind of underwhelming when it comes to the damage meter.

They preform way above the meter though.

The meter only tells one part of the story.

The meter is like asessing a boxer based off his total punch force over a short period of time. Its no indicator of combat performance.
Destructors are hitscan, they turn very fast, and they have a high alpha strike with enough range. They can be outranged, but at those ranges their enemy is bound to miss a substantial amount of shots, and the ones that hit may not even be effective.
I assume I dont see many destructors anymore because they are just boring and easy to use.

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This is not the kind of game where PvP addicts reject a weapon because it’s “boring”. PvP itself is boring. Within their small world, PvP-ers do not consider things boring. Especially imbalanced things that help them win.


I’ll have to agree here.

I have played plenty of builds I hate… just because they kick butt.

And I’m not alone.