Nerf ermark,blight

nerf ermark, blight
buff breakers, cyclone, reaper,tackler


I wonder what weapons he has…lol…

Why the Ermack though - its slow as a 2 legged corgie

I agreed at the “nerf Ermak” part, but you seriously lost me at the “buff breakers” part

“Waaah but it’s the worst relic” Yeah and it still demolishes any other shotgun in the game without sweating, so maybe the problem is the ridiculous power of other relics, and not Breaker sucking. I play with a Breaker mate, he has no complaints about it and easily demolishes any other CQC build 1v1.

Anyway, Ermak is ridiculous, and I’m tired of fighting a solid 40% Ermak builds in CW. Every fucking banana has 50k effective dura these days, it’s mind-numbing gameplay. Even Cohort got eclipsed, who wants a timed +30% resist buff to the team when you can just gravb 4 cabs that are sitting on a permanent 30% resist buff? Lets not even talk about Machinist, the cab’s so garbage it’s been powercrept like 5 times since its release… a year ago? Pro balance job as always from Targem.


I agree about Ermak. This cab plus Cheetah, Onamori, Breakers and a choice of cooling options is a dumb build that is played dumbly and dumbs down gameplay. These things, when fused for -Mass+Mass take about 16 Porcs to take down. This is about the same amount of damage that it takes to cripple a sausage Levi. And, there is never just one Ermak Breaker brick. They often travel in groups of 2-3.


Or… given that gremlins demolish breakers and thunderbolts and hammerfall dead peg with them… jorms and nidds both outperform… Maybe, it’s that breakers are bad and you have a bias predicated on their previously overpowered nature and your own ideals of how the game should/should not be RE: balance.

I even dropped the codriver and didn’t activate the gremlin perk, did use favorite perk on the breakers.
Both are 16 energy. Both use cheetah and cham 2. Both use 12 energy cabins. Breakers are the clear loser by miles. The gremlins are also, effectively, far harder to strip.

Hammers at 15 energy instead of 16… oh look… dead pegging with those breakers.

jorms not even on a reload configuration just -obliterating- breaker damage.

Nidds not even perked

Objectively… Breakers are not a good gun.

Sidenote: Gremlins may actually be overtuned… given that with the right cabin, codriver, and the perk… you’ll max the damage meter and then some by a decent margin.

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