Nerf Melee Borers

Jesus nerf that BS it’s impossible to play at 5k PS every match 2 or 3 Melee Borers players with truck cabin it’s unkilable …


I would say, try to make something like it or a build that is anti-borer.

Jesus those borer players become unfun to play vs . 5 matches in row i got 3 borer players in enemy team with those hooks on roof i think they need to cansel that update 30% of durabiliti …

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newbies cant do that, they only have wheels and even if u protect them with bumpers, it wont work when there is an avg of like 4 melee players per game (ps: if lower then 7k ps, ps2: dont play on 3-5k ps its a melee hell)


All true. It’s pretty bad, depending on the time of day (like right now, probably).
My advice: Reverse is not a acceptable defense. Offense is the only defense. Get a growl and run a combo of ACs and machine-guns, and stay on their 6. Be fast and aggressive, hit and run, always hauling ass, and…(crash!) watch out for that rock. Map awareness, helps a little. They’re a little clumsy too, and often you can take advantage of their mistakes.

The bigger problem though, is that even if you can beat them, you can’t beat all of them, and you can’t do it by yourself. They just keep coming. Often, if I do manage to kill one, the other one (or 3) have already eaten the rest of my team by the time I’m done, and then it’s just me.

Team work helps a lot, and in this game I think that should be the way it’s done in every regard, but truly this META is just out of control. Even teams with proper advanced gear are getting pwnd by it routinely.

So, my other suggestion is that since they are supremely brutal and very prolific, there is probably going to be one on your team. Make sure he wins. Keep the heat off his 6 and he will. It’s not a great solution, IMO, it’s coping with the problem, but what can you really do? As a player you can’t nerf them. As a team-mate you should help your team win though, even if it’s as a support role for Boring META. If this is the META, then you’ll have to play along until things come back around. They usually do, so hang in there.

Maybe the next Battle Pass will shake them out of their tree. IDK. Something should be done, but I’m not sure what. Raise the power-score on active melee? Nerf heavy cabs? Nerf durability or damage on active melee? Buff speed on light cabs (I like this idea)?

Is it possible that this melee thing has become META due to the speed nerf we were all humiliated with? They are hard to out run in anything but the fastest of cabs juiced for maximum performance. That wasn’t always the case. When they fixed Small tracks I think melee became maybe a little too competitive. Then they nerfed everybody’s speed. Now, here we are.

It’s too much for most players in pvp, including myself. It’s not just you, and it’s not just me. It’s entire teams of we, over and over. I get tired of it, frustrated, and just throw myself into the mosh-pit sometimes, or the hole in Ravagers Stronghold is amusing too. Next I bust out the clown cars, and just get stupid.


True some are really bad n clumsy as expect cuz melee is a noob ez game weapon but if there is a good player behind its gg, imo for me reversing works because tracks (which at that ps most ppl dont have)
Yeah u cant beat all of them, 1, 2 yeah 4 or 3 hell nah (which is common)
im my melee build i switched skinner with hard tracks and damn, i could kill 4 easily
and they should def reverse the nerf on speed, but still there is skinner
Imo they should make them very fragile to blast damage, at that ps cannons are barely usable that would fix it too imo (and after killing 1/2 u would lose your melee to enemy explosives parts
i dont really get annoyed of it bc i have the seal club power to counter it (thx crossout db, easy money) but newcomers and people who dont know how to make coin, yeah its terrible (and its a really easy op weapon to use lower skill ceiling then using autoclicker on cookie clicker)
honestly the only thing i’ve seen counter them effortless is 2x median light hovers (but they still gotta aim, not like melee)

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Ya, tracks, and Hovers are good for it too…almost too good. Almost.

I dont often play on low ps (i consider low anything below 10k), i believe i recall a few of those borer builds in my 6k banana piercer when i played it, probably around 2 months ago…
They mostly played bastion+skinner if i recall correctly, yes they were kinda annoying for my build which is quite big for the powerscore, but so was any melee-miner against my build.

If you hit the skinner and stay moving those builds are mostly done, if you put tracks and hit the skinner they are also done…
They capitalize on the fact that, on these powerscores, players usually cant move their cars very properly and tend a lot to gather on huge immobile player clusterfcks where melees can party.

Should you put some medium tracks and weapons that can fastly strip skinner you will laugh at them.

If your problem is they flip you before you can kill skinner, there is an item called carjack…If they are such a big problem and you meet so many of them, use carjack…

Even kapkans can be a huge stoping factor and useful for so many other situations on those powerscores.

Lastly, devs already nerfed borer once recently, i dont see them doing it again.

Ps+edit: Now that i recall, i was playing a similar build when skinner was released a few years ago, i wanted to find a use for my trucker+borers…It was quite fun, although powerscores were very different back then and there were a lot more hovers around on low ps+i did not have all the proper utilities that exist today to make the build as good as it is could be now…
Back when i was playing it for a while there was nothing similar around and i dont recall seeing anything like it as long as i stayed in those powerscores, perhaps im one of the first people that ever built that playstyle on low ps hahah :stuck_out_tongue:

i would by lying if i said i have not tossed myself into the pit after seeing whats on the other team.

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This is getting sad. I have no problem beating full squads of borer teams. If they get powerplant, they have a better than 50% chance. If they don’t? Advantage goes to my team, regardless of the cannon fodder on my team.

For the people who weren’t there years ago, it used to be 4 man squads of Spark- harvester-cloak builds on Bigfoots, at 6000 PS. Go play those for a few hours and then come back and tell me how blue weapons are wrecking you. The answer is the same now as it was then: Hitscan weapons that can see front and back of your vehicle, on a fast vehicle with a passive radar at minimum or a powered radar if you can afford it. All that being said, you have to have a build able to withstand a second or two of them touching you, and you have to be better than your opponent. as in more map aware, better driving and more accurate. Big ask? Sure. But when you put it all together, they are at your mercy, not the other way around. And not to be mean, but if you are the type of player with a sub 1.0 k/d in other shooters, this won’t work for you.

So there you have it. All better?