Nerf prometheus buff helios

Now Helios needs to hit all to deal the same damage as Prometheus, but it is a legendary weapon…

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Helios cabs, Prometheus doesnt.

Prometheus is each hit deals a little more damage so you kind of have to hit too.

I haven’t been a fan of the Helios in a long time. I’ve tried 3x of them a few times and have always ended up selling and then going back to the Prometheus. I would just increase the dmg a little on the Helios it has durability advantage already over the Prometheus. It could probably come down in weight a little too.

Helios perk idea: 1/3 of damage is inflicted to the cabin. If all shots hit, doubles the next burst’s damage to the cabin 2/3.

It would make it unique in that it damages everything it hits way less, while giving it that old-school, this hurts people’s health pool feel it had years ago. Less stripping power, more cabin damage dealt. I think cabin damage is what people want, so why not give it to them again? Cause Helios are dead in the water in this meta and Omamori did nothing for them like it did nearly every other gun.


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That’s a hard call electrical weaps are really good for stripping tracks and legs as most of those have resistances to other damage types to a degree. It would be kind of loosely robbing them of that as dmg res is often around 20 to 30.

I think with the Helios the majority of the problem is on the strict nature of the perk rules regarding where it hits. If they used the same rules as Prometheus I don’t think anyone would have a complaint about it. They could just mess with the rate of dmg increase per shot then.

It’s the least strict as it can possibly be, as in you can hit any part of their builds and get the perk to activate. If you are aiming at tracls and legs to begin with, you’re doing it wrong. Horribly wrong.

On a 4 to 6 leg spider you can cripple them fairly fast like that especially if, they only have course weapons. I they only have 2 tracks same deal. Leave them in the middle and go for the next cripple. Will I take out other targets too yeah but those don’t normally have the same dmg resistance compromises. If they have a turret it does not work as well but immobilizing is generally a useful tactic.

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Helios has very high dps BUT Prometheus has the highest dps per ps ratio. Prometheus is only about 20 less damage but close to half the PS of helios.