Nerf (Punisher - Firebug) -> Balance

disminuir damage ( Firebug ) and increase the spread ( Punisher ) → Balance pls


Lol. First you make a thread to buff breakers and now you make a thread to nerf firebugs and punishers. So what else gives you and your breakers trouble? Can we expect a nerf thread for porcs and scorps next?

One of two balance options (Breaker vs. Punisher and Firebug)…competitive again on cw

the problem is those two relics that unbalance the battles

Have you used Punishers? They are easily out DPS’d by Arbiters and Dracos do more damage the Firebugs. Bet you have breakers though…lol… Buff what I have and nurf what i don’t. Punishers really need a bit of love as they are not so good in the current game. I rarely see them except a few teams that have always used them. 3 Remedies do 80% of the damage of 2 firebugs for a cost of 1000 coins.

I’ll disagree. Punishers perform very well.

They are a great weapons - do0nt get me wrong and probably the best stripping weapon in the game. BUT - pure damage a set of Arbiters easily out performs by nearly 35%. Great tap fire weapon though and i am working towards them myself.

bring back their old sound bit of the clanging metal xD

That’s what made the old punishers so scary. That pinging sound as they hit you.

bring it back! i wanna ruin peoples hearing and annoy the hell out of them xD

Firebug by itself isn’t that dangerous. It becomes a threat when it is paired with the Blight cabin. Blight cabin allows firedogs to drive into an enemy and quickly Cripple/Kill an enemy.