Nerf the BOTS alittle..or Leave them be? why should they steal our points n resources?

i don’t mind either way…
what do you all prefer?..
i would like the same Bots on both sides to make it even! :kissing_heart:
Fyi…The Top 3 players are Bots…

Most of the bots already have serious design flaws already lets not make them worse.

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At 10-14K or above, bots have quite decent builds, at 8K or below, a score screen like yours means that a lot of players in that game were severely autistic. Bots are fine as they are.

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I love bots. They are simple, dedicated, utterly predictable. Battle results like this make me smile. Especially to see bots MVP occasionally.

I like the bots too but I wish they weren’t quite as exploitable with their build faults. They just don’t have enough awareness of the faults and current conditions to defensively drive to protect the fault areas.

Neither do players xD

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lol sometimes…

You are using a shotgun wedge…

Two droners and a tempura outscored you by 3-5x

I just… First time I see you in a match and everything I’ve said was demonstrated unequivocally.

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wp sister, you truly are the one eyed queen among the blind!

mudnbeer played hurricanes in 2021, epic cringe. its the old saying, the forum is mostly pc bobs and some diamond console players.

god, i love those kind of forum fights. its not even about high scores, just about i scored 400 points more than you in this one round im posting here. real dirty stuff and im here for it.

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Bunch of pretenders enjoying scratching each other backs and joining force in bullying someone like girls is what I see. Typical forum nerds. Also wearing that mask of “politeness” not to get ban or bullied by other users for their play… It’s like another game on forums. Meh.

well then you must be blind, dear madame and/or sir!

what im seeing is a random, pretty silly, some might say stupid topic that died pretty quickly.

then 5 days later shewhohasnomannomore waltzes in, in her infamous fashion similar to driving a car against a concrete wall by posting some random screenshot in an attempt to insult op.

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