Nerf the Piercer and I am quitting your game

New player that has played since less than 2 months ago
So let me get this straight, Borer trucks with or without harpoon + cloak are running rampant at any powerscore between 3000 and 6000, demolishing entire teams WITHOUT EVEN NEEDING TO AIM THEIR WEAPONS just ramming the W key into someone and instakilling them, just from the impact alone cutting them in half and then demolishing them in less than 1.5 seconds and they have from 3000 to 5000 HP and full armor + frame protection over their wheels so the best you can do is try and cut off their exposed harpoon and ping them as a target and HOPE your team notices and kills them quickly before they murder your entire team because otherwise they are pretty much UNKILLABLE at those powerscores
And you wanna nerf the Piercer, one of the hardest weapons to control properly and use effectively due to spread and quick heating up?
Yes they are effective, because the players choosin them as their main weapons at those powersocore ranges know how to aim, how to control the weapon spread, how to avoid overheating them and so on.
So instead of doing something about Borer trucks running rampant and requiring ZERO skill whatsoever, not even needing a mouse to be plugged in because they do not need any aiming to be done, instead you decide to nerf Piercer?
Right now that you put the upgraded ones craftable through the event?
Right now that I and a lot of other players wasted coins and resources upgrading them through the Halloween event crafting page now you throw a big fat shovel of sh*t right in our face?
I swear to Christ almighty if you nerf Piercers even by 0.1% mark my words I am gonna uninstall your game straight up and go play something else.


do it, save yourself from this game while their is still a chance, it will take your soul, it will take your wallet it will take FHAUGFAHFDijgfd HELP fhdujshjusad THEY FOUND ME


Since they cannot nerf the skill of good players, they nerf their weapon of choice while letting builds entirely relying on zero skill weapons go rampant and unchecked.
This has gotta be the dumbest cheapest most idiotic balacing thought process I have ever seen.
And I have played plenty of multiplayer online pvp games for over 20 years since I was barely a teenager.
As I said, I have grinded coins for the 8 pieces of Piercers themselves + days to grind the resources to fuse them and if they touch them even if they dare look bad at their direction I am straight up uninstalling and never looking back.
If this nerf goes through I see zero reason to bother with this game anymore because I know it will not just be Piercers, something else will come next and something after that.
So might as well quit immediately before putting anymore time and money into this now that I have seen how the game design and balance choices are made.


i guess you didn’t see the change to colossus engine?..feel our pain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Crossout isn’t the game for you if this is how you react to change.


Borer also got their share of nerfs, they got decreased durability and impact damage, skinners got their duration nerfed from unlimited to 7-8 seconds, and Ermak is about to get nerfed as well.

You’re not the only one impacted by balance changes, I understand your frustration but devs do those kind of adjustments for the best of the game.



Borers are near impossible to strip.
Even if I have triple Spectre machinegun with perk fully stacked and they charge me from a distance and control my fire tap properly into their borers (they run 4 of them) I barely can strip one of them out of 4 and then they are onto me from the impact alone strip either my entire front side of my car, everything in front of cabin armor frame frontal wheels everything goes just from the impact damage and then push me like if my 10 tons car was a roll of wet toilet paper and grind my cabin to zero HP and dead in less an another 1.5 seconds
And there is NO WAY WHATSOEVER to stop them dead in their tracks and make them stop
They run full frame and/or armor around their 6 wheels so de wheeling an entire side of wheels from them before they are onto you is IMPOSSIBLE they will reach you and they will kill you because there is no way you can kill 4000 Hp at that powerscore with your ranged weapons before they reach you and kill you and if you run away they just steer and kill the rest of your team instead and leave you for last
They require way too much team coordination and effort to be taken down with the weapons available at sub 6000 powerscore
Ontop of this, like if the heavy cabins already existing werent good enough for these builds just by using Grizzly co-driver, they got ANOTHER pay2win tard-proof heavy cabin that seems that was literally DESIGNED for these no skill W ramming builds: behold the almighty Ermak cabin or as I call it ’ the Cancermak’ because paired with Grizzly it is beyond any level of batsh#t broken
And all of this without any kind of aiming to be required of them
You can literally play these Borer trucks with no mouse at all plugged in and with a steering wheel and pedals
And the only direct fire weapons that I seem to be able to have some resemblance of an effectiveness against Borer trucks is actually the 4 piercers I fused thanks only because of the high damage thay do, that is also accounting having to control the bursts very well, aim very precisely and avoid overheating the guns
All things that require a high level of skill for that powerscore
And now whoever is in charge of balancing wants to throw a fat bucket of sh#t right in my face and nerf them?
No man.
If the nerf goes through by ANY amount even 1% I am, Christ is my witness, gonna quit the game so not only they lose a paying customer that supported their game with money and would most likely do it again in the future, but also a player.
Because if this is how the game in question is balanced then I do not want anything to do with it anymore.

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I understand where you’re coming from, and I won’t defend Piercers that much because they’re definitively too strong rn… But if devs nerf them, then Maces will go back to being FOTM. Then they’ll nerf Maces, and Defenders will be. Eetc, etc. That’s how we got to “Borer OP” in the first place… And honestly, there’s a point to make regarding efforts needed vs reward. Too many weapons in this game are balanced to perform in the hands of people who have absolutely no business doing good with other weapons. And it’s not good for the game. These people don’t learn to play (why would they, they’re rewarded for being bad), and other players feel like devs are trolling. Played a bit in team yesterday with two Varun users (clearly not macroing either), and 90% of the teams we met were playing stupid, talentless shit that overperforms. 3 Triple Spark cars with 6 hermits, King+Kap miner squads, bunch of borer trucks at lower PS obviously… Even in CW, the successive metas have been the laziest, easiest strats possible since I joined. Permastun Typhoon, kap spam, Anni drones when they were borderline indestructible…

Some types of melee builds, some types of drone builds (hello Yaoguai), anything with mines (kaps, kings, forts, but especially Porcs) are broken. I’m not saying it’s outperforming other weapons that require efforts by much… But if other weapons require efforts and these don’t, for the same reward, why even bother? And I say this as someone who plays a fair amount of melee+tempura at low level. This is way, way harder than playing pure melee, and I feel dirty and like I don’t deserve the 3k scores I regularly do by vaporizing half or more of the enemy team alone. And I probably don’t tbh, all I do is cloak up and drive straight into people to make them blow up. I even use a Torero cab because fuck this, melee’s so OP at low PS you can troll with the rest of your build.

Everytime I play PVP in this game, I don’t feel like players around me are being creative with their cars. I feel like they use the laziest build possible to grind the crap out of this game (here, the insane grind plays a part too). See the thread about a dude botting with drones since weeks…


I perfectly agree on this.
Do not even get me started on those drone cannons.
I am pretty sure a good 70% of my deaths since I started playing this game have been from those goddamn stupid drone cannons.
They get 2 of them and a Growl or other fast cabin (plenty of purple rarity cabins made exclusively to buff the crap out of drones) 4 or 6 wheels or 4 small tracks and go around raping entire teams with them.
It is a weapon the requires absolutely zero skill, all you have to do is hang back, wait for a brawl to start or the team to engage within a certain distance of one another and the enemy is distracted firing their direct fire weapons onto the other players in your team and bam you throw 2 drones right ONTOP the enemy cars.
The damage those things do especially on the first seconds of burst is ABSOLUTELY INSANE for how low powerscore they add to the vehicle you are taking into match.
They proper RINSE the hell out of you, but this would not even be a problem if they worked like the other drones that stay ontop your car forcing you to close in, you can stay at long to medium safe distance and throw them ontop a brawl.
Enemy is then forced to either keep fighting the rest of your team and get absolutely DESTROYED inside out by your drones or switch aim to your drones and get rinsed by the other players in the droner’s team.
You win either way.
The damage the burst they do and the dps is TOO HIGH
The powerscore they have IS TOO LOW
And the overall safety of the weapon is compared to using an artillery piece or a long range cannon BUT WITHOUT THE NEED TO AIM AT ALL
How many times I got those 2 drones fired right ontop of me and have my weapons welded ontop my cabin get insta taken out because firing from above not only they go through any low health weapon welded ontop the cabin within a second, but also in case there are no weapons ontop the target’s cabin they insta rinse the cabin HP itself and people extremely rarely put armor ontop the cabin itself to protect from above.
Also, they completely and utterly hard counter any weapon that cannot be aimed up and down, like pretty much any kind of cannons, unguided and pretty much also guided rockets as well, anything that isnt a machinegun or autocannon since when the droner fires them ONTOP of you you have absolutely zero counterplay to fight those drones except run away and hope you can make it out of their range (which is also obscenely large) before getting your cabin rinsed to death.
My car I main at 5500 Powerscore has 1000 HP well two of those drones fired ontop of me if I dont instakill them I lose about 75% of HP in less than 3 seconds
Its stupid dumb idiotic yet its in the game so lazy farmers can farm
So you know what devs, just get rid of any direct fire weapon that needs to be aimed, and leave only drones mines (dont even get me started on those abominations, mines with the range larger than a train carriage jumping magically into the air and cutting you in half outright) and melee and lances into the game
I mean might as well at this point, right?
EDIT: Guess what I just checked and King minelayer IS A PACK ITEM
So much for the game not being pay2win, right?
The more I think about these things the more I utterly regret supporting your game with money, let alone starting to play it at all

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All weapons take skill.

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They sure do.
Too bad it is nowhere the same amount of skill and effort they take.


On the topic of not needing to aim, I’m still confused as to how the caucus is still in the game in its current state. It is literally aimbot with the click of a button. Its rotation speed isn’t the issue, it’s the fact that it never misses. Shrink its size and turn it into a defensive module with a long cooldown against homing missiles like the Argus. I mean, how did it get past QA without anyone saying, “Hey, isn’t this just like, ya’know, cheating?”

I find the best way to learn how to counter a current meta is to try it out yourself. Play a borer tank for a week or two and you’ll quickly learn what the weaknesses are. Then you can go back to your preferred builds and not be a victim so often.

I recently spent a couple weeks playing builds that didn’t use any items above special, which put me in the borer PS range. I saw a bunch of them, but I guess I’ve played enough melee myself that I didn’t feel like they were dominating me.

Best advice I can give you is be fast and keep moving. They can’t kill you if they can’t catch you.

As far as Yaoguai drones go, I play them fairly often, but never in low PS. Nevertheless, the best way to counter them at any PS is turreted DPS weapons. Piercers are a great option, unless you’ve boxed them in so much they can’t shoot upwards. If you keep shooting the drones down, the drone player starts feeling pretty useless very quickly.

The one last bit of advice is to not freak out and scrap your fused guns just because they got nerfed. Either the nerf won’t be as bad as you think, or you can just hold on to them until they get buffed again.

Any time you’ve figured out a build that’s performing particularly strongly, you should expect a nerf is coming eventually.

Also, if you aren’t already, try using Falcon as your codriver. Low PS cars tend to be easier to pop explosives, so if you can see where they’re hidden you may be able to make quick work of tough enemies.

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No I am not gonna scrap anything.
I am gonna uninstall the game and cleanse every remotely related to it from my hard drive outright and never touch it again, but not just this game, anything with Gaijin involved into it as well.
I said I am gonna do it if the Piercer nerf goes through and I will.

fr fk melee and dogs (firedogs)

other nerfs:

turboflex melee (ex: borers) nerf:

They already got their money out of you.

Are you telling me I should chargeback both purchases I made through the bank directly?
Because I can sure do that.
For free.

Do it. Your xout account won’t get locked I swear.