Nerfs and or buffs you'd make

Basically if you got to decide what was done, what would you buff or nerf, and in what specific way if you want to go further than saying that a specific part needs a nerf. I decided to go with just guns to get the thread started

Hammefalls - damage reduction
Cyclones - damage reduction
Imps - damage reduction
Fortunes - reload speed increase
Yaoguai - firing range reduction (these things seem to be able to shoot you like three times the detection range of Vultures)
Millers - impulse reduction

Explosions in general
Waltz - barrel spin up time shortened (the time it takes to actually get missiles out of this thing) or abandoning it all together and just firing when you push the button like Helicons do
Vultures - longer live time (the time they hang around in cloak)
Gungnir - increased penetration at full slowed down but accurate firing rate, this could work like how the perk for Equalizers work (at the very end of the firing time before overheating so you can’t spam shots at the center of mass at a long range too much)
Jubokko - now if you shoot it directly at the enemy build (it lands on the enemy) it will stick on like a phoenix bolt as example, and deal damage in the same way it would work on ground, but for a much shorter time than a ground placed jubokko, like half of the duration it normally would as example

TOW itself needs a rework but there’s like 20+ ideas floating around in specific TOW threads and about any weapon change suggestion thread so I’m just gonna say it needs a rework

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First I’d remove camera steering from all ground builds, leaving only builds with rotors able to use it.

I’d also love to completely remove hitscan in favour of fast projectiles like we see with the Miller and Reaper to add an actual skill ceiling/floor to hitscan. Leaving only energy weapons as hitscan.

Relic weapons should not able to be mounted of builds using cabins that are rare or below, they’re only used to force relics down.

Make decor cost no powerscore, reduce all HP of decor to 1-5, I’d like to look good and not be penalized in any way apart from my part limit.


  • Omnis - reduced traction, increased inertia, top speed reduced to 75kmh
  • Gerrida - remove damage pass through (I don’t see a reason why it gets an extra 25% hp)
  • Tusk - drastically reduce the damage dealt via melee, but give the cabin a 95% damage resistance to melee (so it isn’t a crazy 1 hit machine, but you’re not penalized for using it to ram)
  • Catalina - Max of 125% damage bonus.
  • Cyclone - +1 energy OR reduced fire rate with a faster rate of overheating (cyclone is crazy strong as a 5 energy legendary, either it needs an energy added to it, or stats need to change drastically in order to make the user add an additional module to compensate).
  • Destructor - Increase burst duration time by 50% (makes it harder to proc that perk, rewards a skilled aim.).
  • Porcupine - Reduce projectile speed OR increase reload time by 100% (it’s a minelayer yet you can launch the highest burst damage in the game every second or so…).
  • Scorpion - Reduce projectile speed (it’s too easy to drop so much damage with scorps now).
  • Hadron - Perk does not work with King mines (Honestly something that seems a huge cheese and I’m surprised it’s not been done already).
  • Omamori - Add diminishing returns for every non-structure item attatched to nodes when 3 or more nodes are in use. Currently 50% at max, every item you add will reduce by 5% (If you use 3 or more items on an omamori it should give less absorbtion).
  • Low clearance wheels - Increase PS to 90 (these wheels are almost exclusively used to sealclub and for some reason have the best power drain and 40PS which is the same as starter wheels).


  • Flutes - Flight duration increased by 5 seconds (adds damage and actually might let them do enough damage to be viable).
  • TOW - Allow to fly upwards and not just across the ground.
  • Toadfish - Increase HP to 550 (for such a huge hitbox they have a relatively awful HP to mass).
  • Kapkan - Increased grip strength (many builds just seem to break off the traps nowadays, especially with how camera steering tugs with such power I’ve noticed).
  • Astraeus - Increase penetration to 100% as it used to be (they’re just too weak now, such a unique weapon ruined imo).
  • Power unit - Reduce energy usage to just 1 energy (Most weapon aiding modules cost 1 energy and this module is so specific I think it could benefit from this change).
  • Apollo - Reduce mass to 850 (way too high considering the alternatives).
    Jannabi - Make the perk work while turning so it can be used on all movement parts.

I’m sure there are a lot more weapons which I don’t have the experience with that need buffs… same with tracks but we’re about to get some changes so I don’t see much point thinking of something to give them.

Or just get good, skill issue ofc

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Return every thing nerfed or buffed to it perimeters when it was introduced and stop with the nerf & buff when someone has an issue with a component . Doing this to return consistency back to the game and maybe bring back some great clients that left the game do to this Foley. That’s my 2 cents worth.

EXACTLY ! :+1: :+1:

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  • Half the duration of all cloak modules.
  • Half the range of all radar detector modules (not regular radars though).
  1. All weapons: Durability increase by 100%.
  2. Rippers: No longer targeted by Leviathans.
  3. Carcasses: Reduced mass and durability, are fully destructible.

I’m a simple man.

'then why have them then?
i like them :kissing_heart:
u do know the enemy team deals with them too…

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Because we never had them in the past and no one asked. :melting_face:

Plus they are still there of course, they should be fully destructible or nearly fully destructible by continuing to shoot them. They do fall apart somewhat but that rate should be increased.

Some of us did ask for the carcasses, and quite enjoy them.
A lot of people on this board assume they are the majority, but I’m not even sure there is a typical average Crossout player. We all seem to bring our own preferences and approaches to the game.

I would buff Spitfires and defenders.
I would reverse the nerf on Luparas

I actually don’t have that many complaints… When I loose I really don’t take it that hard.

I’d still like them to look at the overall heating effect across the span of items of mass. I.e. take it into account that a higher mass should take longer to heat. Outside of that it’s little things that I think that can be worked out slower.

I see some on the various things other people have listed that I’d kind of agree with: Destructior, Tow, Cyclone, Catalina, Omamori, Astraeus, power unit, Jannabi, Waltz though I think they do enough dmg, I’d add athena to this again but that might be a heating effect issue.

I’d play CC over PVP though I do wish there were more PS leagues it sucks when your at near 9k and you get matched with 6k players. This has to be tighter.

I would nerf the meta builds.
And i would buff the developers listening to players.

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Out of movement parts I’d nerf Gerrida, Omni and Icarus VII

And buff pretty much everything the devs are buffing in the next balance update, augers tracks etc. And I’d give all wheels except front facing ones (they are better to steer after supercharged update, before it they were as wonky as all wheels are now) back their functionality before supercharged update.

Other general quality of life changes? Make the matchmaker match groups against groups more rather than always group vs all random players for easy wins to the people afraid their precious kill counts might go down if they play solo wolo ohhhh noooooooooo, and also give people the option to grind all pvp resources in a no groups allowed to enter-mode where it’s just all randos and no groups

Omni’s 100%. Sick & tired of the twerp team mates that like to push & shove fellow team mates around needlessly .

Buff: Everything I have by 20%.
Nerf: Everything I don’t have by 40%.

Seems fair enough.

Charbydis (spelling?). Change perk activation to an active button pressing perk, remove directional requirement.

Improve acceleration for ALL non omni type wheels. Add 20% durability to all.

Decor shouldn’t even count as a part (though I understand why they need to). This one change would extend gameplay for me.

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Wheels get unconditional full reverse speed and a dura nerf (epic only) This would overnight fix many issues of new players being unable to deal with shotguns/melee if they could reverse away. But wheels are just too durable, they have been since Bigfoots got added with their insane dura. Dewheeling has been a dead strat since.

Camera steer gets removed, at most its just a camera assist that only works if you manually steer within 5-10 degrees of camera.

Cyclones get a severe dispersion nerf. They need damage but they shouldn’t be sweeping the guns off a roof 200m away in full auto. Im not exaggerating saying 200m. These things are better at sniping than everything but whirlwinds and scorps.

Fortunes lose being turreted, they are just too broken being on Cruisers that can zoom around and past you doing the damage of lancers. Easily the most overpowered weapon in the game RN for CC assuming its played by someone whose mastered it. Nothing comes close except an aegis shotgun.

Omamori becomes a heat/ negative effect sink, not a damage sink. It absorbs sparks, heat, self damage, and other debuffs. It accrues points for an instantaneous pulse the size of a barrier that can destroy drones, missiles, mines, and decloak players. If the energy dump/pulse perk is not used the module stops working and takes continuous damage.

Cannons all get their bullet damage doubled and their bloom reduced, more recoil and more impulse.

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While I agree with the damage and impulse buff, cannons in this game already have too much recoil, it’s perhaps the most unrealistic factor of this game (except on hovers, then they need WAYYYY more recoil, like they need to throw you backwards). Although it isn’t way too much, just a small, maybe 15% recoil reduction would work, but only on tracks.

That use to be one of the classic reasons to use the ML 200s: 20% recoil reduction. Increasing their reduction and increasing cannons recoil would make them more useful. Though it is a nasty way to push people towards using them again.

I think they should look at giving tracks something like a recoil recover speed bonuses. So it wouldn’t actually reduce the recoil but just the time it takes to reset. This would allow them to have a slightly different player experience from the legs that already have the recoil reduction.

Increase the range of nests, their range is so small, even with radars. I just got a pair, and I don’t like how I have to be up the target’s rear to get them to shoot, then they go away and I can’t get all my rockets out, if any at all. Trombone works nicely, why not nest? :sob:

When Nests were new, they were way too strong, and people were very upset, so they got nerfed too hard.

One trick to use them better is to pay attention to how the perk works. When first targeting an enemy, don’t worry about fully charging your volley. You will waste a bit of ammo, but by getting that first volley out quickly, every subsequent volley at that target charges much quicker.