Nest balance changes

Hi to everyone on the new forum!

The 0.13.60 planned changes overall seem pretty fair (except for, maybe, the cockpit nerf), but there is something I would want to talk about — the Nest.

I wasn’t around when it was released, but I have very distinct ideas about what it was like from the old forum posts. The hard nerf was justified, but a bit too harsh, rendering the precision rockets pretty much useless.

Now, there have been a couple of positive changes since the nerf, gradually making the weapon playable, but it is still underperforming, so it’s now planned to increase its damage by 15%. There goes the main topic of my post: I think that the Nest’s buff should be a bit more than that.

The damage buff is really nice, but the weapon could use some quality of life changes to become viable:

  1. Locking. If the target suddenly disappears (hides, cloaks), Nest stops locking on it and doesn’t automatically fire. Howevet, if the target dies during locking, Nest instantly launches the rockets at its location, putting itself on an unnecessary reload and wasting ammunition. This ought to be fixed.

  2. Locking again. If the target is within Nest’s radius and is seen by the radar, it should be able to be locked onto. This happens so often — the target drives through a bush or a bit downhill and suddenly Nest loses it, despite the fact that the target was always spotted by the radar (nickname visible) and could be have been targeted by other rockets. Please make the locking more forgiving in such cases.

Possible reworks: small changes in the weapon’s mechanic, aimed at better performance.

  1. Reload time should correspond with the number of hatches opened and rockets fired.
    6 rockets — full (100%) reload time.
    5, 4 rockets — 80%
    3, 2 rockets — 60%
    1 rocket — 40%

  2. Losing target. When Nest loses its target, it doesn’t instantly lose all prepered/opened hatches, but they begin to close one by one with a potential of being assigned to a new target and charged again.

These changes won’t change the gameplay and will not make the Nest more annoying to play against, but instead make it less annoying to play AS.


This feels like a fair request.


I’d say it’s a good idea too. The 15% damage may be enough. Though coupled with this reload idea I think it would make the weapon pretty balanced. Or at least it would be in a good spot.

I do hate nests though. Probably that nest on release trauma, from having a nest build sitting in triple porc fire and getting madd porced still being able to outdamage said porc build…

I’ve been playing a bit with Nests lately, combining two with a single trombone. I think the proposed damage buff will probably be enough to make them viable again, but I would prefer that the tracking/locking system be improved. Getting your lock broken by a passing bush is so frustrating, especially when you’ve bothered to run a radar detector. Detectors should help more.

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Lol another person reported one of my posts that were nothing but agreeable. The person doing this is pretty petty.

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Yeah, I noticed that too. People are weird.

At least I found a way to nullify it.