Network testing

on psn I am doing the network testing which never completes and I have to “o” out of testing to see the results.

I noticed on second page that all of the servers are 100% loss. host name like MTU size 1350 avgtt 999 lastrtt 999 loss 100%

I did this because I am having issues with graphical glitching in game where driving 1 direction and then glitch driving 90 degrees to direction was driving without warning and no curvature I am running tracks so there is NO way to do that at speed. so doing straight line next to acid lake and suddenly I am 90 degrees driving straight in to lake with no warning other than graphical glitch. all my matches to day been like that. ITS LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE.

When its my side having issues it does NOT behave like this. I also lowered the MTU from 1500 to 1400 in network settings.

the IP thats showing is minp 1 avgp1 maxp 1 loss 0%, minp 102 avp 104 maxp 118 loss 0%, minp 102 avgp 133 maxp 308 loss 20%

anything in this that would explain what I am experiencing?