New and Improved?

Quick question…or three, or whatever; What is that? Did they update this meter? Did I miss the announcement? When did this happen?

I decided to test my lances, and so I got out the ol’Whatcha-McCallit, and I remembered we had issues measuring passive melee last time this came up on the forum. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was gonna try it anyway…So, when I launched myself into the thing with a load of Lances that’s when I noticed. WTF?

It’s got two score boards. Is that new? It is, right? One is reading my impact with perhaps an accounting of the passive melee installed, and the other is reading the damage delivered by the Lances, right?


To answer my own stupid question…
…Well, one of them any way. I still don’t know when this happened, but there’s what happened.

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Was in the patch notes from the last update.

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when the Helicon dropped.