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A few years ago I had posted a bunch of high resolution images of the various (at the time current) factions. I couldn’t find any art packs or anything for Crossout, even for fan websites or streaming. Attached are all the current faction logos with the exception of Syndicate and Hyperboria which weren’t around when I made them.

Also, the very last logo is of one of my own design called Steppenwolfs Corps of Engineers, and is the logo for my stream. It’s sort of a cross between Steppenwolfs and Founders, with the idea of using their military might and engineering skills to help rebuild society one wartorn zone at a time.

There’s a clean version as well as a battle worn version.

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if you’re new to this forum, this forum isn’t new, been around for about 2 years now. Anyhow, the more you post here (with positive interaction) the more abilities you’ll get in regards to what/how you can post. It’s all automated, and no real way to get around it. At some point, the forum bot will send you a message detailing exactly how to use the forum and all its little things.

I use an image hosting site, and then post direct links, but you should be able to just drag and drop them straight from you computer to here, if they are jpg or png. images.
I just saved that image to my computer, then drug it directly in.

Nice work by the way. I’ll be looking forward to your other images, as I tend to use this kind of stuff in my New Vegas mods, or I may end up using them on my War Thunder airplane skins. I like to do a lot of Crossout crossover.

So, thanks in advance. I like what I’ve seen so far.

It’s a restriction for a new forum account.

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He did say it in his post or one of his many edits.

To the OP: Start a free account with these guys…

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If you can tolerate the BS that goes on in this forum long enough, you’ll eventually have the privilege of drag and drop. Good luck with that though.

A lot of things can be downloaded from their Fankit for self creation: Fan-Kit Crossout - Media - Crossout

These are background-free png’s so let’s see what the forum does to them

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Someone on Reddit made these, name - GoliathGamer


I have 44 Portraits but they’re all 4000x4000 so if you want any just ask… idk why this forum sucks at uploading 5 files at once but I don’t want to do them one by one…

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This pixel guns are f’ing sweet. Amazing the attention to detail


Yeah I wish I saved the folder as the users name, I feel kinda bad sharing without their credit

Edit: Found their name GoliathGamer

I was on the old forums a few years ago. I went on a 3 or 4 year hiatus when my computer broke during COVID and the prices for computer parts skyrocketed into unobtanium.

Assuming this link works and my post doesn’t get flagged/blocked/whatever, maybe someone with an established account can repost the images so everyone can see them.

The official art pack doesn’t include the faction logos, only pictures of the faction leaders.

There it is, I think. Let me know if I missed one.

Nice work. I like these. Thank you for offering them to the public. I’m sure to find them useful, myself. I was planning on getting some War Thunder up and running, and these will make great emblems for skins.

If I come up with a good skin I’ll be sure to show it off here, and say thanks again.

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Does this count? :smiley:

Here’s some cool concept art from Daniyar Kdyrov.

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That’s all of them, thank you. :slight_smile:

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i hope these count


stabilizer 1
doomsday jet

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