New Bot Behaviour?

Anyone else notice bots arent going for capture points anymore unless degunned or out of ammo?.
Ive had many matches now where i just sit there capping and multiple bots without radar are just searching for enemies at the corners of the map.

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Yes ive noticed and i notice they cant see the cliffs in some maps XD

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they just run around like confused chickens. if they dont have a cannon then they just wonder around like their on a casual stroll through the neighborhood. mister rodgers would be proud!

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some cases they will legit surround 1 player at a time if your team is to separated, i know this first hand reason why i get pssed when its just me and 1 other real player and they think their king sht rushing in

well…they do seem a tad more useful than before, soooo…

They do some type of perimeter check, looks like a bug, I’m sure it’ll get addressed.

They have been showing damage distribution maps and the new bots will cause the damage to be spread all around the map in Missions with bots.

I suspect this is the case.

Interesting theory!

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Its just silly now chasing those enemy cannon bots that stay at the edges of the map.
Or you just sitting there capping with no guns left, and all the enemy cannon bots are just driving away from the cap points.

Looks like they got an A.I. downgrade.