New bots making game unplayable

I rarely complain about anything here, but Gaijin has gone over the line with the new bots. Since yesterday’s update, PVE matches have become just about unplayable, thanks to the new bots. I now have to play 4 PVE scrap matches just to win 1, for the same pathetic amount of scrap. Other people I’m playing with are echoing the same complaint, so I know it’s not just me.

One guy, who’s been playing here longer than me, was freaking out last night because he had 10 straight losses just doing patrols, and couldn’t get any of the new event challenges completed. PVE shouldn’t be an easy steamroll, but it shouldn’t be an easy steamroll for the bots either.

My new “strategy” thanks to this debacle:

  1. Stay in the back, let the rest of the team take the brunt of the initial damage. I used to be the one racing out there ahead of the pack, but now it’s pointless.

  2. During the countdown to start, if as few as 2 of the enemy bots have a PS 2K above mine, I’m bailing out. It’s just not worth my time.

Does Gaijin even want us to play anymore?

What Gaijin thinks will happen:
“Oh wow, I need to put money into this gam enow to do better in it”

What actually happens
“Oh wow this game is a piece of s*** better move on to some other game”

If the bot AI is that much better, I might actually start playing raids again.
How easy do we need the game to be?
I’ve recently started doing patrol to quickly clear the daily challenges, and most of those matches fly by for quick easy victories. Haven’t had a chance to play since the update, but honestly I’d be happier if Patrol was more challenging.

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Are you referring to Patrol or Raids?

I did several Hard Raids & didn’t notice anything too crazy.

Mind you, I did race up behind a dual Tsunami build to dig down to the jiggly bits with my Arbiters. I was about 2 seconds into this when I realized what I thought was a Tsunami build was actually a new dual Reaper (?) build & it chewed me up pretty bad.

Learning curve… learning curve… adapt & survive!

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For those you are complaining the bots aren’t rolling over on their backside for them, probably even Pokemon XY would be too hard for them and that game holds your hand tightly

Some people learning isn’t easy for them, so they expect others to adapt to them

In regards to this OP and its complaints, I like bots actually being a bigger threat in patrol as I play in that mode to do the challenges and I normally did the 5 battle challenges under 8 minutes most of the time, for me I don’t think the bots are the issue but the fact so many players run straight ahead swinging a bag of gophers shouting CHARRRRRGE! right into a group of 3 or more bots by themselves and wonder why they died

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I’m referring to PVE patrols. I can understand tweaking the game every now and then to keep things from getting boring, but when my regular builds are getting one-shotted, or I’m facing bots with Kaijus who shred me in seconds, it makes me just wanna complete the minimum daily missions and be done with it.

Yes I spent a coupla bucks on the game, because I enjoy it that much, but several of my clanmates are already at the point of realizing they’ll never be able to progress at a decent rate, and are wondering if they should even try. Now they have to fight even harder bots that they can’t compete against. They’re asking me (as if I know anything) what they should do…what do I tell them?

Tell them life is hard, and not everyone has the backbone to hold out, I hear Farmville is a good easy game!

I get it… The hard raids, I do think are harder than they have been. The bots seem stronger. For me, it wasn’t a huge deal, but I have a very specific build for these. I did notice a change, though. I think this might be the new resistances for parts for each faction. I mentioned elsewhere that I’ll probably make builds specific for each faction - or at least a couple of them just for the hard raids. Structural parts to combat their weapons & weapons to combat their structural parts.

I knew this update would be huge… it’s proving so for me.

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