New Brawl Trials

As you may or may not have noticed, we got some new brawls. Of course, they’re slightly fun and can introduce newer players to advanced weapons. However, aside from the resources you get from playing these there is no reward or goal to these brawls.

I suggest that all new brawls get trials, so players can earn special banner elements from these. It will finally give some sense of purpose to these gamemodes, and stimulate players to participate in them. This isn’t new, all of the old brawls had trials before they got deleted. I’d love to see a 40k reference banner from the ‘for the emperor’ brawl myself.


We used to have rewards for brawls, they took them away a long time ago.

I can’t remember the exact challenges, but the end you would get a can of paint like Black Gold and the paint will the Chrome scales came from that.

It was the only thing that made me want to do brawls.

ALSO!! Bring back Free for All and Storm Warning brawls please!

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I used to do that brawl. But mainly because my buddy liked it.

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You mean getting white parts along with the brawl resources right?

I heard they took that away cause it became a cluster fudge and people complain that people teamed up or clans join in a match to rig it so one of them would win, not sure if that’s true as I only ever played that mode a hand full of times

The horror!
We used to. That was the whole point of playing together and being in a clan right?

it was a FREE FOR ALL. meaning that your not supposed to team up to rig the match to win. its unfair and guarantees that most of the time that you get into a match with a clan you wont win unless you can manage to take out the clan members before they take out the other randoms. plus teaming up on people from a clan is just cowardly in a game thats meant to be a brawl and a free for all. its not free for all if your clan teams up to force themselves to win the matches.

I believe we define that differently.

That does not mean alliances cannot be formed… the form is… FREE FOR ALL. that means make it into what you can, winning is the only rule, do it how you can.

Apparently more people agree with Zarrurer then you as they took it out of rotation

Yup. I never said I was right.
I only stated my way of thinking and that is probably not unique among players. It’s not like players can’t arbitrarily decide between two targets at once… and decide to help a buddy instead of shooting him right?
I should be a bit clearer, the clan never made groups of 4 and farmed it.
My buddy and I played it together. He wasn’t in a clan. (not that this makes any difference to the scenario).

I’m not taking sides, I’m just stating that people didn’t like people ganging up which lead to storm warning being taken out of rotation

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No not the white parts.

Black Gold paint was one of the brawl rewards like in year one. I just can’t remember the names of the other ones.

They would set a challenge like “Take 1st-3rd place in a brawl 10 times” or something like that. I can’t remember what the challenges used to be.

i remember doing storm FFA thing and i was shoting ppl at sight for a moment… then i realised that if i wasnt shoting, they wasnt shoting me. in the end we were all standing at same spot, not trying to ram each other like gentlemen, and the foolish new guy that was opening fire at us was kinda brutally kicked out in sec °-°

Oh okay Weren’t their crates as prizes?

Before crates there was a weekly mission tree.
When you got to certain points on the tree you received a reward. (some were parts irrc) It was hell to get through the tree in a week to get the blue part.
After that they went to parts crates.

Not for this, I wish I had an old screenshot. (The old crate system did suck, but that’s something else)

I want to say when you clicked on the brawl it would show the reward in an icon on that box, you would have your normal resource reward and a “Get this extra item if you complete (insert task here”. But this is like 5 or 6 years ago.

I remember it because Black Gold paint is very expensive on Xbox and I remember getting it for free in the brawl challenges.

You could only complete this task one time.

Yeah that just shows how little I played and paid attention to the rotating brawls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: