New cab idea

Legendary Medium cab: Buford

Tonnage: 5500

Mass limit: 13000

Power: 5.5 blocks

Top speed: 75 kph

Durability: 340

Perk: Modules connected to nodes (excluding damage reduction modules) boost their effectiveness by 20%.

2 nodes located on the sides and two on the back.

With this you could fire longer with overheat weapons, increase ammo and booster fuel, reload speed by 4% with the flywheel, cham mk2 lasts for 12 seconds instead of 10, increase speed and power of engines by 20%, etc.


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I’d like it more as a light cabin, but the concept is cool.

doesnt the co-driver boost the time or efficiency?
just looked and it boosts reload speed. i dont think a cabin should be able to boost it though. plus in that case why not just use the yeti?

but we already have 2 cabins that do this… harpy boosts the ammo capacity of ammo packs by 50% and the explosion radius. cockpit boosts the booster fuel capacity by 50% as well. plus the rune-1 also boosts fuel further though it is explosive.

if this were the case though it would be better off as a heavy cabin or a light cabin rather then a medium. if you want it to compete with the harpy the ammo can be boosted by 25% and the booster can also be 25% as well.

you say it would have nodes to so it would be very limited. still not to sure. the nodes are a bit wonky as is but maybe you could get a place for them that could work?

I rather a heavy cab with 30,000 mass but u kissy guys can have ur lights nd mediums lol

One cabin is better than two.

i mean i guess. but it would have to cut the efficiency down a bit wouldnt it? boosting it by 25% each would be fine. giving half of the other two cabins to make it fair… then again it would have to be attached to nodes on the vehicle and the nodes are limited so… maybe slightly higher, 30 - 40% depending on whats attached perhaps?