New cabin idea

Screenshot 2024-06-19 233935

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I have seen many worse ideas. The perk would have to be jumped up dreamatically from 5% to make it work though. Typhoons would only get 2 more shells if it were 20%.


thats probably for mobile

I would love something like this, I used to have to use 10+ small ammo packs and the created a lot of boom booms. Even now with my 2 fused large ammo packs, it still has a big boom, especially with my gen. This would also help those that run out of ammo mid-battle (which I’ve seen a few times). Might need to up that precent though.

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Would a number like 15% be better? Or is that too much now?

as it reloads you just see an expanded ammo pack landing square on your head from the sky.
“ammo resupply success!” :rofl:

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