New cabin, perhaps?

Screenshot 2024-01-11 140328

So this came from another discussion about more track parts. I said this would be a cool cabin and wanted to expand on that, so here you go:

Name: Bull
Rarity: Epic
Cabin type: Heavy
Durability: 460 pts
Mass limit: 18600 kgs
Tonnage: 8890
Perk: for every 100 pts of health the vehicle has, all mounted weapons deal 1% additional damage, max 40% at 4,000 HP

What do you think?


Can’t name it “Bull”, there’d be too many “-Sh!t” jokes if it flops. Anyway, what’s that pink thing on your avatar’s shoulder?

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may or may not be part of the ear…

This cabin looks like the real world equivalent of the Bastion cabin. a This would be an excellent Bastion CK.


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I think it looks different enough to be its own cabin, although if some changes were to be made (the inhabitants of the wastes seem to love their modifications) it could work as a CK

you’re right, but based on the post from earlier it could be called the fortress if it isn’t a bastion CK (or that could be the name of said CK?)

Although I think the perk is pretty cool

Perhaps it could be called the Ram?