New cabin

i request a hummer h1

my stats fot this cabin are
heavy cabain, purple rarity, 12 energy, 80 kmh.

i dont have a idea for the special ability sorry

obviously a post apocalyptic look

Technicly we already have it it is one of the blue tier truck cabs.

Isn’t this the Fury cabin?

i think jawbreaker is pretty close to humvee minus a grill and headlights

Fury or that other blue one forget its name. bear maybe… can’t remember

is this not as close as you can get to a h1 lol

Ideas for perks

Decrease knockback/ recoil from your own guns, scales with movement part types so hovers can’t cheese too much with it

Increase wheel grip of mounted wheels

Increase impulse of weapons

wait 12 energy heavy, yeah never gonna happen