New Cabins Spoillers

Future of this game will be specialized cabins.

We already have specialized cabins:

1 - Stepspider (legs)
2 - new (shild)
3 - dusk (rocket)
4 - bright (fire)

and only on

I imagine cabins like :
1 - hover cabin (add more height, or precision for weapons on hovers)

2 - cabin for campers like ac72 give more dpm to weapons or dmg or maybe a little penetration

3 - maybe a raid cabin
where the cabin gives more exp and resources but in exchange your build is less efficient in battle for not having any additional battle in the cabin

and You which cabin do you think could exist in the game?

Idk. I have too many fused cabins already. I’m a just focus on weapons for a while. rolls in a pile of cabins. I am content for the time being. Especially with the new master cab changes.