New camera angle sucks

I’m hoping their is a setting in game to change this. Basically if your on a sloped down hill. And you try to aim at a distance. Your camera gets so low that you just end up looking at the ass of your car while you try to shoot stuff. The smoke doesn’t help either! But that is not my main complaint here. If theirs a way to change camera angle please let me know. I already have the camera zoomed out as much as possible (on default settings this situation is even worse


I think this is all you can do for now.

This new angle needs to be adjust. Low down vehicles. Especially ktms will suffer. Either that or I’m gonna start putting a stick on all my vehicles

Which is not a bad idea in the short term.

We really need another slider for camera height next to the camera distance slider.


i agree, the more settings we can change the better

also the stick works wonders for low vehciles, looks here crossout, this is what i want to see when im on a slope and aim up, my camera not looking at the ass of my vehcile

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12-16 pins of camera height above your vehicle seems to work good, around here is the point at which, if you aim up, your vehicle will become transparent before your crosshair is well, looking through your vehicle

Agreed. Camera sucks. Makes the game unfun. Why would insist on such an arbitrary and unfun limitation? Seems really, really dumb and unfun.

I’m not hating the new angle yet, but more options would be good. I haven’t tried playing any really large vehicles yet, and I could see it being an issue for me on those.
More options in general would be nice.

this is my tallest spider, this is the point at which my crosshair is entering my vehicle

and this is what it looks like when I’m shooting something at a distance, tall vehicle aren’t affected as much, but i would honestly still prefer to the camera to be at a higher angle, I personally don’t care if the crosshair is in the middle of the screen or not but, forcing us to put stick on all out vehicles just to be able to see past our own vehicle half the time, is dumb

here is the largest spider I own, thing takes up half my damn screen with these new settings

Yup. Can’t see behind you reverse effectively. And, as an Avalanche user, I have to nose down the gun to see in front of my vehicle. And when a hover build magically appears in front of me, I don’t have time to elevate the gun to shoot it.

F this game.

its bad with retches, like the whole idea of the weapons is that you aim up and then shoot them

this is how much vision I have shooting forwards

this is how much vision i have when I’m trying to shoot over anything

the new camera is absolute garbage compared to the old one

Yeah the new camera angle is all kinds of wonky, for example Flutes are near unplayable now because your own build gets in the way of aiming and guiding them

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