New cannon idea, broadside cannon

how about a broadside cannon like on old pirate ships?
i imagine it would be quite heavy and would fire iron cannon balls that possibly explode when they hit.
it would have a very long reload but alot of durability and power behind it and limited distance.
i think it would be cool to have a pirate ship cannon in the game.
the cannon could be large and small in size.
small cannons can fire smaller cannonballs and have a faster reload time, they dont do a ton of damage but they have faster reload, shoot farther and are lighter in weight. this would have a bit of force applied to it as they are balls of iron hitting your car, similar force to that of the spike.
large cannons would have a longer reload, more weight, higher damage, limited range and can explode on impact. this would have a bit more impact due to the size of the cannonballs

and it could have a skin, the same as my previous suggestion of a “glass cannon” skin. where the cannons are made of glass and when they get hit my enemy fire some glass chips away, when the cannon gets shot off it shatters and sparkles.

a mini 6 energy avalanche would be kinda cool

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I like the idea of a six energy avalanche with no explosion but tons of impulse and bullet damage, with a projectile big enough to take out multiple parts.

I like the idea…

Sorta’ the same, but not at all…

I used to build a lot of broadside boomstick/lancelot rigs. I’d have them hanging off the side of the car perpendicular to the direction of travel. That way, you just had to drive past someone at the right distance to absolutely obliterate them, and if they did survive, you didn’t get stuck face hugging them. You just drove away.

I need to rebuild that!

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