New cloak LMBO its great!

Because i felt lazy. Ok i read patchnotes now. It’s called “Yeti”. What does LMBO stand for then?

So if i read that right, invisibility for 30 seconds without extra fuel cells.

So, with more fuel cells, you can basically run laps around the maps in complete invisibility. That’s stupid af.

Stuff that wasn’t in the patch notes was it doesn’t work with cheetah engine and it has two different time cool down states depending on how the cloak is deactivated. Watch the videos for the new season for the extra info.

If the player is not completely invisible during the process of manually stopping invisibility, then the module makes relative sense

Kapkans were a necessity

Laugh My Butt Off :slightly_smiling_face:

It was not a grammar correction, How can i correct someone if i kick and punch the English grammar myself. ( I’m not from the Isles).

But i should have quote you in the first place (sorry)

i was being sarcastic.

the consistency of…


I just want to make a sort of disclaimer.

I’ve been noticing an increase of Power weapons ( triggers, destructors, and the all S tier weapons) I’m wondering if it was not better to keep a certain threshold to that type of things and keep the old thing more enjoyable.
There’s not been any more releases of blue and teal weapons, now is practically lengendaries and some epics

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It would be great if they did the similar thing to the drones cooldown time.