New cloak LMBO its great!

I find it hilarious how the new cloak can produce such a disappearing act for so long with such invisibility. Sure I want one with those perimeters! Totally OP ! Back when many complained about the Chameleon and how OP it was. Then it was “Adjusted”… I was heart broken over that . I am positive that this new flavor of the month will soon be nurtured like other first released “OP” components. I just have to laugh about it. Not complaining !

Seems a bit too much

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I agree, after so many salty tears about how OP the chameleon was now this. One has to laugh at these . consistency (Enjoy while we can) *Grammar edit.

Just remember that people running the new cloak are going to have some extra explosives on board.
Find some weapons that are good at popping the new fuel cell, ruin their day.

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I normally only use an upgraded special rarity one. I really want to try the new one though. Have you tried fitting the omamori into the new one as it looked like they should fit?

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No I haven’t I have only tried out builds from the Exhibition only. My old butt is too broke to buy a BP to get it for a 10 spot & a little patience. It would be nice to have one though.

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This whole BP looks like its going to be nerfed all to shiz.
I bought it though.

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I always wait till mid way through to decide. There was one where I even waited till the end to pick it up.


I want the angled parts to build with as I unlock them.
Been wanting parts with these angles for over 6 years.
I still find great joy in creating a ride even if I never enter a match with it.
Yummy angled parts. Notched parts. Yum.


They don’t nerf legendary modules. The only legendary module that ever got a nerf was Omamori, and that nerf wasn’t much of a nerf.

The weapons in the pass don’t look that strong. The Cryo launcher is only so so compared to an incinerator.

The Ice thrower hasn’t really found its best use yet, but I think its probably going to be used to buff saws. That may prove to be a good weapon, but Dracos are also good weapon. I hear 3 Dracos hit 10,000 on the damage meter.

The Ice cannon looks cool, but its still just a legendary cannon. Compare the 500 point Narwhal volley with a 1,500 point to OHKO Mastodon or Helicon volley.

On the other hand, the cloak, the Fin Whale, and the 2 resistance to everything sticks are all completely game changing and META defining.


I think if a nerf is to come it will be much later they haven’t had enough play time yet to decide anything yet. Even their test servers generally have a poor turn out of players in actual matches in comparison to the totality of players.


The “have nots” will soon be sounding off. They always do. Even though the basic BP to get it is only a 10 spot & invested time. ATM For around 4K on the PC markets it can be purchased out right!

I make excuses for myself to by them this season I think it will be a birthday present lol…

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You realize this is a sprayer, you can arc it over obstacles from long distance :joy: It’s more akin to Retcher for trajectory.


Or consistency ( enjoy while you can).

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I’ve realized that since then. Skadi has a range of 200+yards. This looks like it would be really good in Levi wars to spray on status conditions and decent damage to wherever the other players are shooting. Maybe the 3 Skadi set is the best.

The Harvester was “Adjusted” as the dev’s say years ago. Once the go to meta with a spark. Remember the old term for the Sparkster builds? Oh they was the scourge until that nerf hit the harv’s.

Thank you :crazy_face: for the grammar correction. :thinking: Probably need my wife to proof read my posts before :upside_down_face:posting LOL

Oh great, more cloak. Can anyone tell me what the stats are and how it’s different from purple cloak?

Teal 6 seconds, purple 12 seconds, so let me guess, legendary 18 seconds?

Why not actually read the notes for the update?
Anyway, this cloak can be turned on and off at will, until you run out of cloak fuel. Cloak fuel can be increased with the new fuel cell.
If you get bumped out of cloak by taking damage, there is a longer cooldown before you can trigger it again, and a very short cooldown if you just turn it off manually.