New co-driver?

can we get a new co-driver for the cryo weapons?
i think it would help cryo weapons out a bit and give them a bit of a boost as well. anyone else agree?

also does anyone know if atitlan effects the cryo weapon jotun at all?

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If you can hit multiple targets with it, it should activate. For example I can get thresher to activate if aim ever so carefully to hit two different targets in the same shot.

They really need to stop consciously avoiding touching codrivers just like they do with parts like enlightenment, vulture, tow etc, and while at it add more of them, to other weapons as well that lack a proper codriver

But instead they most likely won’t do anything and pretend that the codrivers have been fixed for life now

They’re more likely to sell a cab to boost cryo damage, then they can make money from it… and if they’re smart it’ll be released after the pass with one of the cryo weapons because ti won’t be craftable… then they can dd other modules to the pack, they’d make a killing if they put a kapkan in it too… which would suit the playstyle.

what bothers me is kapkans arent viable in pve anymore. bots instantly target them as soon as they come into sight and they destroy them and drive around them avoiding the kapkans. they just arent usable anymore. i tried using them on a previous build and the instant the bot came into view they tagreted my kapkans and just didnt go near them. even when dropping new ones they hard targeted them and destroyed them keeping far away. kapkans arent usable anymore.

i hope thats not the case and they try to do something for new codrivers. honestly if this was the case then they shouldve just kept the old codrivers the way they used to be.