New codrivers

What are your opinion on the new co-drivers? Which ones are strong, which one are meh?

I’m finding uses for all of the ones I’ve unlocked, with the exception of Yuki. Still trying to figure out a good use for that one.
Falcon and Phobos are getting the most use in my builds, but grizzly has been useful for a few, and Jay is good for cannons.

Phobos is my favourite so far, mostly for the speed boost.

I think it’s good and people aren’t looking at the future where we will most likely see a lot more (hopefully not paid for, or for early access) co-drivers for multiple purposes and then balanced as needed.

Personally I like Phobos, always been a flank and cloak guy but not melee or close range, plus I can get my 5km back on my light cabs that lost it. I do look forward to new 100km cabs where I can use other drivers like Falcon and gain engine power and highlight explosives.

I’m looking forward to moving my scorp to the new cab, keeping 100km and use Falcon, see explosives in my neutrino and out of it while going 120km still, should be fun

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If you use Falcon, you could equip that new scope thingy and still get the explosives highlighted, but not have to worry about your scope getting shot off.
I know the magnification isn’t huge, but might work better when driving and scoping at the same time.
I’m surprised at how well falcon works actually. When I read the description it sounded meh, but it’s quite versatile.

I think RN it’s Falcon and Grizzly, with every other codriver being there to look pretty. Especially poor Yuki who’s terribly useless.

I don’t really love any of them. I picked up Jay, Phobos, Falcon, Atitlan post testing on the test server. The next one I’m picking up is Grizzly as it’s cheap at 3k. I still don’t like the system and I think the design is way too flat but I have to use it to keep up.

Phobos is my favorite at the moment as it’s the most exploitable for pve. Exploit it via crippling an enemy and leave it sitting around you to keep the bonus up. The only thing I really don’t like about Phobos is the pause length for taking damage. That pause makes it a little harder to use the bonus with active melee. Yuki’s only advantage is that damage pause.

Jay is indeed nice for cannons and autocannons if your a slow precise shooter. Big issues with Jay is players tend to block shots and make you lose your bonus. Projectile speed is nice for a passive but it’s not as large of a bonus compared to actually upgrading weapons bonus of the same type.

Falcon I use but the damage boost seems to only be for the explosive parts which I think is kind of lame. It would be much better if they included movement parts and weapons as part of the bonus.

Atitlan - just see the other post on it.

I like them, mostly because unlike the old co-drivers Iget to see what they look like and they seem to be more indepth

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They could have done that to the old ones though pretty simply.

I think I’d like them better if there was some minor secondary skills that could be picked up over time. Like an extra Offensive, Defensive, Mobility rolls that could be added to them in any order unlocked with a little extra intel, coupons, and exp.

Well I’ll say this as a kaiju player. Grizzly makes my kaiju damage frown when I shoot enemies. But it makes my kaiju happier when enemies shoot me.

Overall I like the new codrivers and can’t wait to see what we get next. I’m not a fan if the codriver that buffs based on being behind enemies though. That playstyle annoys the shit out of me. But hey, I’m sure some people love it.

Well good thing for you, Yuki is trash and nobody is using her (^:

Jay is nice to give a bit of bullet speed to guns that desperately need it, but still it could be better, like 10% rather than 5%

Grizzly is amazing, it really goes well with tanky builds, making them even more tanky, running it with humpback feels like you are driving a Humpback-Ermak

Other than that they are mostly meh, I can’t say I really love any of them, the talents are usually just mumbled up messes that I don’t even bother getting to activate specifically rather than it just randomly happening by chance and making no difference whatsoever and I miss being able to boost certain weapon types rather than certain play types, feels like almost all builds I use have been nerfed down and none of them were that meta to begin with

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Phobos, Falcon, and Grizzly are the ones I use.

I mostly use Falcon, Grizzly myself, might unlock the robot co driver, reminds me of Johnny 5 a bit xD

That is the last driver I need to unlock, almost have the points.

I’m also very interested in trying some drone builds.

I don’t ever play drones, but I’ll make an exception to test this driver :slight_smile:

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I play drones and turrets as a secondary weapon in patrol modes to complete my daily’s

Eventually I’ll unlock the drone co-driver, but it doesn’t really suit the way I play drones and turrets. I really only love Yaoguai and Vulture drones, and the whole point of them is that you can launch them and stay far away from them. When I play turrets, it’s all about driving fast, dropping turrets, and escaping immediately. Fuse drones are the only wheeled drones I like playing, and they’re also a drop and run away kind of gameplay.

Grizzly and Billie.
Grizzly because I usually go tanky, and Billie because, well, I like MGs. But he is much better on paper then in practice.

Expect some fixes soon. And pray they are the right ones.

I’m pretty convinced Billie is garbage tbh. Takes a billion years to activate and makes your weapons flimsy af, while you could just look at opponents and get +15% dmg with Falcon with no drawback.

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All true… Machine guns already have sh*t durability…
I might check on Falcon next.