New controls for spiders

This update has brought a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth. People “quitting” because they have killed hovers and others “quitting” because hovers are OP. Some doing the same over the new controls, completely missing that old controls are currently available. Well mostly.

I love the new controls for some movement parts. I do not like them for spiders. I cannot maintain the same level of control. That is an integral part to aiming. No problem, I can use the old way. My problem is that as a “relative to camera” user, all is well with old controls for spiders EXCEPT I can’t walk backwards. This must be a bug.

Anyone else have any issues with the old controls?

i don’t seem to be having an issue walking backwards.

Do you use relative to camera?

If you use relative to camera, why not use the new movement controls?
I’ve never attempted relative to camera (Race 2 for life!), but I’m not minding the new strafing controls. Takes a bit of getting used to, but once I play a few matches to warm up it starts feeling natural.

Also, have you looked in the settings at how the buttons are assigned? Maybe they changed reverse on that mode? The other thing you might want to check are the settings for inverting controls. There are some new ones to do with the new rear view toggle, so maybe something in there is the problem.

Good luck!

tried several different camera combos. doesn’t seem to be an issue on my end. The “T” button can be used to look behind you now, it’s a long shot but maybe that might be part of it?

I’m pretty sure Claysdad is on PS4 (or someone has the same name on that platform).
Our control options are a little different than PC, and I have no idea how relative to camera usually works for us.
If you use race mode, you can toggle free look and rear view with what used to be the strafing controls.

You can’t walk backwards, i and other guy can’t shoot our gremlins and drive at the same time.
I have free look all the time (mouse movement).

And yes, there’s a lot of fuzz going around.
I’ve been using the old way
Gremlins aside i don’t see much difference in mechanics in my movement parts (regular wheels and tracks (the last one in an experimental stage).
So, old way + new mechanics = good
the only downside in this update is with all this white noise the real problems are being camouflaged.
This update it’s a bit buggy