New crafing mechanic , enjoy

Now when crafting an item , you have to click for 1+ second everytime you want to engage in a trading action
Now when you want to retrieve an item , a crafting completion window pops up in front of the retrieve button.
Have the devs decided to make crafting as inconvenient as possible?
And don t give me the “iT s OnLy OnE sEcOnD” i crafted tens of thousants of items , so whe nyou add it up it represents an lot of time , but fortunately , i m unlikely to craft or even play much thanks to those brilliant implementation , this goes for giving money to the game of course.
If they implemented that because players made mistakes , that s not my problem i have around 200 000 trades and never once have i made a mistake , of if i ever did it was inconsequential.

Conclusion : It s like in the military , if a mongolian shits himself , everyone has to wear diapers…


Encore! Drops mic and walks away! :sunglasses:

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I’m in total agreement.

The message window that’s in the way of the button is certainly the worst part about it and that makes it so much less enjoyable and fluent, to the point where I just can’t be bothered. It sounds silly but it makes a huge difference.
Every clan member has stated the same.

  • We hate it, please change ASAP!

They really struggle with the message windows, it was not long ago when one of them got in the way of switching builds in the garage between missions

I don’t understand why they try so hard to artificially increase in game time.
Just make the game good, I will spend 4 hours a day on it.