New Crafts Require Uncraftables?

unfortunately, i didn’t grab a link and cant seem to find it again, a reddit article showing the new Thor gen needing 2 of the purple reload boosters…I got some bad feelings about this.
edit, found it.


That bothers me too. The Guiding star battle pass was released 1 1/2 years ago. Some of those people who go the blueprint no longer play.

I hear the machine gun needs therms to craft.

I wish the devs would stop with this limited crafting.


Depending on how limited the crafting is, if it’s too bad I’ll be sitting this battle pass out, the parts themselves aren’t interesting me that much already, if it’s also hard to get any or a proper number of them for a build, I loose all interest for this battle pass


Same, these parts seem boring. I was most excited for the new tracks. They seem disappointing…


Okay there, whatever you say little buddy. I disagree with your assessment of the parts being boring, you know what is boring, no new parts would be boring.

I see people saying that for every battle pass they’ve released, and also why can’t this battle pass be like the one before… :clown_face:

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