New CrossOut TV Show 🤔

Is That Connected To CrossOut Lol ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:Saw That Clown Before In CrossOut World… Never Heard About That Game Series :man_shrugging:

Mr._Twister (1)

I’m Sure SomeOne Build That Car Already Hahaha :rofl::ok_hand:

Wait… that’s a real show?
The game was hilarious.

The question is how they’re going to work the LGBTQRSTUV±/AND/OR storyline into people killing each other at random. :rofl: :man_shrugging: :rainbow:

Yes, Season 1 Started In The USA Now :thinking: Need Wait 1 Year Now For German Voice Acting :laughing:

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Twisted Metal is one of the games that’s helped to inspire Crossout. I heard the tv show missed the mark. I don’t have a way to watch it to see for myself though.

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No More :smiling_imp:

No, it’s connected to Twisted Metal…

I Mean Now… Not 1997 :man_facepalming:

the answer is still, no. the Crossout devs have taken many things from MANY games including Twisted Metal. That doesn’t make Twisted Metal connected to Crossout.

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Even now. This is not Crossout.

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The ‘connected to crossout,’ I took as CrossOut’s devs took inspiration from it among many other things.

I mean, there’s that one map that took inspiration from the town their offices are in. There are clear Mad Max inspired parts & themes among many others.

Cool stuff, either way.


Wait, 90% characters in the original Mad Max movies, good or bad guys, look like bdsm gay leather freaks. Your reservations on the subject confuse me.


You know… you’re right. Especially the motorcycle gang! That was pretty in-your-face. :rofl:

I remember when I first watched the original, I was so naive, I thought the dude on the back of the motorcycle was just a really ugly woman.

I was more referring to Twisted Metal for the gender/race bending Disney-ification of everything. But, if they can make Snow White a Latina, Twisted Metal should be a piece of cake. It didn’t really have characters, anyway. I wouldn’t put it past them for them to have Ed Sheeran play Shaka in a Shaka Zulu remake. :clown_face:

Well, to be fair, they do favor in a both have a head, two arms, torso & two legs kind of way.

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Hi guys, stay on topic, thanks !


The show is getting surprisingly good reviews for something based on a game.
Curious to check it out.


Same… Anything with explosions, cars, and shallow characters piques the interest of the 12 year old in me. :crazy_face: :rofl:

I only ever played the original… the follow ups look insane.

(2) Twisted Metal PS3 Gameplay - Classic Death Match - Sunsprings, CA | WikiGameGuides - YouTube

Death Race Movies Was Great As ,Small" Budget Movies :smirk:While Watching Pooh The Killer Honey Bear, I Though It’s That Movie Or Parody Version :laughing:

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Who Knows. Maybe They Started/Begin Now To Make Movies While Game Is Dying :smirk:

Loved them all… impossibly dumb, but oh so much fun.

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The community manager rarely writes something, but I guess he’s been keeping an eye on the forums

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