New cyclone upgrade worth abandoning my old cyclone upgrades?

I know I’m getting at least one when the price of thyrus tanks at the end of the mini bp but I’m thinking on getting a second one too because 15% dps boost seems too op to not use. I find that most of my engagements currently where the 17% decreased spread of my current cyclones has a negligible effect and shotgun bricks is too rampant where raw dps matters most when facing them.

My current cyclones

New ones

Instead of getting all 3 I’m gonna do either 1 or 2 but that means I’m still gonna have a spare upgraded cyclone just sitting there, I got 1 that still can be sold out of my current 3.

I still have yet to upgrade mine but I think I’d like the second option you showed here if I was doing t.

Even if I only gets one it might fill up the whaler perk a little faster, about the only viable weapon that can be used with the whaler along with narwhal.

Another thing is that the new radiator should suffice in keeping up with the 10% increased fire rate so it didn’t bother me as much until devs released the new radiator