New daily challenges

Thanks Devs for taking raids out of the daily challenges! Now I can maximize my playtime grind without having to play a boring mode!
I may never play a raid again!



I do play raids if it is part of a BP task - but for anything else I stopped doing raids years ago.


I still play them for the engineering badges, but that’s it.

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I think they need to stop being cheap with the badges and up the amount you get for completing the tasks without making the task more convoluted cuz we all know they like to give with one hand while taking something with the other

“Craft a part on any workbench”, and “Buy/sell a part on market” can go away too from the daily :slight_smile:

Agreed. Half the time I just buy and sell the same 10-cent parts. LOL

I use my Jorgs to do easy raids when it’s a shotgun daily. Makes me feel like they are good relics.

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Everything on the market would skyrocket. That is part of the inflation control in the game.


Lol, at least something does.

Jords are the only relic I have never owned for this exact reason.

I really really really want them, but I can’t justify it at this point.

Sadly this is true.

All of the little things like this help with inflation.

It is one of the reason I’m a strong advocate for the 10% market tax. People don’t realize how bad things would get if we didn’t have that.

We need things in game that make coins go away permanently, a little at a time to keep things balanced.

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They are gawd awful bad for a relic. I sold my breakers when they came out… (always loved single shot shotguns in game) and was it a mistake. I guess the saw one is worse but I haven’t played it.

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They seem decent if you pair one with a couple of the other reload shotguns. Seems like you’re meant to use it like an aurora with miniguns.
I only rarely see them in battle, but I’ve definitely been killed with that combo more than a handful of times.

I bought 3 of those on day one. Sold them 3-4 hours after I got them :slight_smile:

Kept them long enough to post a build.


I don’t understand why they are so much on xbox. (the saw ones)
Are they that good in levi wars?

Yes, they are that good in Levi Wars.

It is about the only thing they are good at.