New energy system

Gayjin why have you ruined the game! This energy point system does NOT work and makes NO sense. Put it back the way it was or I for one will stop playing this nonsense!


stop crying

Let me guess… you have to rebuild something?

It makes sense. Gives a better wat to balance.

I am so curious if any of my builds will be broken by this update. I have a feeling some of my high PS builds will need rebuilding, and probably my most OP Confrontation build will too, but I’m ok with that. All of those ones can withstand a bit of a nerf, and I like building anyways.

Only one of mine broke, and it just got about 20kgs over mass limit (easy fix, removed some heavier decor)

Screenshot 2024-06-06 081558
Cobra Actually gained… a lot… too bad it’s at part limit.

And only one of my builds that was previously at limit actually stayed at limit, and luckily it’s one I couldn’t of fit anything on it if it did have spare energy.

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OMG guys i lost almost 1,000 power score nd now im at 24,800 nd now mad like jeezzzz trashhhh :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:

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Really not happy. Too many builds got screwed. :unamused:


I deleted my posts cause I believe I was a little hasty with my rage. Needless to say some changes can blind side you and this one threw me for a loop for sure. But!!! I have educated myself about the change. It makes sense. I know its a little frustrating to log in and get ready to play only to have the game give you a message saying you are over the power point level for your build. Made me want to punch a baby! Hell I got grand kids!! I love children but was ready to start running them over with my heaviest of builds…lol!

Here is my two cents for what its worth:

If you look at how they structure the power changes it make sense when you factor into account the power score and mass/tonage limit changes for the cabs. Believe it or not I actually improved a couple of my most beloved builds. Also some of my builds now are low power score then before. I like that! I’m one of those idiots that likes to look good while kicking ars! Live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corps. Having to put a genny on to hit that power requirement was a little frustrating but it did pose a challenge I felt I was up to.

All I can say is play with it. Sure its not ideal in some situations but what can you do. The dev’s are going to do what they are going to do and we are just at the mercy of their decisions.

I love this game to much to uninstall it…again. LOL!

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I think my reaction to this development mirrored yours. I posted some aggravation along the same lines as you, then edited it all out for nearly the same reasons.

IDK what to think of it. I know I have to rebuild nearly everything, and mandatory generators isn’t really something I’m excited about. IDK what to do with my medium cabs and that awkward energy output now. Slow and explosive doesn’t seem like a great combination, and that situation is magnified even more with heavy cabs. They will be even slower and more explosive?

Now that Chords and the Hornet are 4 point energy weapons, will we see 2 energy-point weapons? Will this game expand through the bottom, now that room has been made for it? What would that look like; steam engines and crossbows?

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Sssshhhh…dev’s might hear you! How about skateboards and wrist rockets. Maybe a straw and spit balls.

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the only thing i had to rebuild out of the builds i have is remove cloak from cannon hover due to 1 energy missing, spiders and dogs work as before

Even tho half my builds are now broken like so many other people.
I do think this new double energy framework is a step in the right direction.
Weapons and modules can now be easier balanced and tweaked by the devs.
All we need now is some more unique 1 energy parts to fill in the gaps.

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