New Exhibition Leaderboard

What’s this some kind of popularity contest?

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That has been there for a long time. (Since 2.0)

Anything that promotes people to build is a good thing.


I never noticed it before.

Should of kept all my old builds Id been in the top 50 for sure.

Old builds don’t count. Only the likes since the 2.0 update count.

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I seen this in the patch notes. I didn’t even know the exhibition leaderboard was a thing until I went looking for it.

I feel like a dummy. Trying to delete the topic but it won’t let me delete


you can only delete your topic if no one posted on it… :wink:
or flag it and click something else write an explanation…and the mod will read it and maybe delete it for you…

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I just flagged it hopefully it works.

Oh look I see a brethren of mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Crossoutlovers has been in the spotlight in the exhibition for a while now

Seeming this topic ain’t taken down yet do anyone know how to give your subscribers the boot? I got a big pile of subscribers that I did not ask for. I really only use the exhibition has my own personal storage space not for taking part in popularity contests.


And there can be only one!

Have at you!

I got my profile set tp public but I don’t think people need to know how many likes and subscribers I got in the exhibition. You think they would give you an option to at least hide that or add a option to block people from subscribing.

Chralie wouldn’t delete it. Ain’t that old I guess so still in the new territory but shame on me for only finding out about it 4 months later.

Im chat banned so i no longer post on exibition and share in chat. I was top ten though. Def not a popularity contest. =P. Not if im in the top 10.