New faction “hyperborea”. part 1

Gotcha. But I feel like there won’t be much.

Hope dies last.

Depending on how effective the perk is, the cabin speed might be attempt to avoid another droneapocalypse (not the brawl, but that period where grenadiers were so OP and making everyone insane).

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I honestly think that making this cabin a heavy cab ,most likely, made this cab an instant piece of trash :slight_smile:

BUT I fused a set of fuse drones and grenadiers just to try and prove that wrong.

In the end I think it will fail miserably. Still I think I will get a lot of enjoyment killing people with a build that everyone thinks sucks, lol. (Even if it really does suck)

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I think of “bad” parts as if I’m turning my difficulty setting up for more of a challenge.
And yes, there is something so sweet about killing someone using items that are considered useless by most players.


Amen… or splatting some hover dude with dual scorps with my sledgehammer rig. :rofl:

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