New faction “hyperborea”. part 1

Hello, survivors!

While you are conquering the snow-covered expanses of the Wasteland on these winter days, one may think that the only thing missing is a truly “winter”, northern faction with its distinctive massive parts, which combine the harsh temper of its members and the aesthetics of dieselpunk.

The upcoming season in Crossout will be dedicated to exactly such a faction. In this series of development blogs, we will find out together what new surprises the mysterious “Hyperborea” has in store for us.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Legendary heavy cabin

One of the cabins of the new faction (yes, a little hint of the future!) is perfect for those who want to control their drones, turrets and quadcopters.

The perk of this cabin will consist of active and passive features. Passively (i.e. always) you will be able to set a target for any drone, turret or quadcopter (similar to the target designation of the “Annihilator” drone). If you activate the perk, then the damage of all drones, turrets and quadcopters will be greatly increased, but they will all be destroyed as soon as the duration of the active ability ends.

The cabin’s form factor is very convenient and suitable for various purposes. Its length is 8 “pins”, width — 6 “pins”, and its height is 5 “pins”. The cockpit has cavities designed for mounting both drone launch modules and other additional modules. The number of attachment points on all sides will also give you a lot of opportunities to armour the car and apply non-standard design solutions. Practicality in everything is a distinctive feature of the Hyperboreans.

Legendary light generator

You often asked us about a new lightweight generator — an analogue of the “Apollo”. It’s time to meet “Thor”! Like “Apollo”, the new generator adds 4 pts. of energy, but it is noticeably more compact than its heavier counterpart. In horizontal projection, its dimensions are 5 “pins” in length, 4 “pins” in width and 2 “pins” in height.

The durability of the new generator is about half that of the “Apollo”. But the mass is almost three times less, which will definitely be appreciated by the owners of lightweight armoured cars, who had to make sacrifices for the sake of an additional unit of energy.

Experienced survivors have probably already realized that everything is not so simple, and there must be some sort of a special condition here. The explosion of this generator is extremely dangerous for an armoured car — its power is almost twice that of the more reliable “Apollo”, so think several times how to better hide it under layers of armour. Otherwise, the fragments of your car will fly in all directions.

New structural parts

New faction will also add new structural parts to the game. In this blog, we would like to show you a massive metal bonnet (6x1x3) and a new, durable bumper — a snow plow. In the following parts, we will present you other structural parts, so don’t miss it!

That’s all for today, but there will be more interesting news in the future! Good luck in battles! We’ll see you in the next part of our development blog!

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I’ve seen this posted in the comments of another post, but I think it deserves its own dedicated post so more people can see it and what’s coming to the game!
Does anyone else think the new legendary cabin looks like a submersible?


or an air lock door for Outer Space…



Hyperboreans? Now how does one join this brightly complexioned faction as a stormtrooper? Asking for a friend.

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I love the new gen, now I get to spend 3k if I wanna keep playing my light builds in a competitive way. And im sure new players gonna love it aswell, buying 1 gen to unlock all the lategame builds… borrring… now they get to buy 2! Fantastic addition to the game.

And resetting all the hovers exhibition agian agian 10/10

New parts: looking cool
Me: excited
New cab: Drone cab

I don’t often play drones, but that cabin might change my feelings. Looks fun!

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Big droner here so im interested in this new cab…but its a heavy so if its slow i doubt i will use it.


I’m not a big droner, but I do use them somewhat frequently when I’m wanting a more arcade-style experience (meaning I 'm feeling lazy :rofl: ) But, yeah… heavy? So, it’ll maybe go 72 with the cheetah? 78? Sounds counter to how I play drones for sure!

I use the Call - obviously - but find it’s often too slow to make drones work. The Aggressor and Beholder are my other cabs I’ll use for drones… not sure if the Aggressor perk works for drones or not, but the speed sure helps, and I dig the little exhaust animations it has. I’m a sucker for exhausts.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the new light gen probably means further reduction to hovers mass lol.

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I just realized that the new generator will allow me to pile even more armour on my heavy builds!
Health bricks get even healthier! (And more explosive)

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Ya, now that you mention it, just how is that supposed to work, anyway?

I was too, and ya, it’s way too slow since the speed nerf. Very disappointing, that nerf was, but it’s still a lot faster than any heavy cab out there is, so WTF are they thinking with this? we don’t need more dysfunctional cabs in this game. I don’t think we need more Legendary cabs, or drones for that matter, in this game, but whatever.

I like drones (and boomsticks) for when the game sucks, and aiming a weapon seems futile and toothless. I also like them because I can build car-cars with them, that look and act like cars.

I think drones are in a good spot right now, as far as game-balance goes (I need to help them out and be involved if I want them to succeed), and I’d hate to see them screw that up with this ridiculous (but beautiful) new drone-perked cab, but the cab is so wrong for the job, I just don’t know how that’s supposed to work. I don’t think I want it to work, either.

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I would suppose it would depend on the range you can send the drones out.

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Don’t mind me and my concept “art”


I like it, but I think this is the direction you should take the concept.

I think the theme is going to be airships, and the new cab and dieselpunk motif is to compliment the copters and the new flight control feature. I could be wrong, of course, but I think you have to admit the new cab would make an awesome dieselpunk airship.

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Those parts look nice. On the other hand: that’s all? Nothing new for Awakening or any new map/location?

That is just the first teaser. There will be a few more. I don’t think this is expected until february.


This should have been a Med or Light cab.


And this cabin for drones will hit 70-75 kph at max, so it will be in fact another useless cabin on another failed attempt for making drone fighting viable mark my words