New faction “Hyperborea”. Part 3

New faction “Hyperborea”. Part 3

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Welcome to the final part of our development blog! The update with the new season and the “Hyperborea” faction is very close! Today we will find out what else the mysterious guests from the north are preparing for us.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

But, first of all, we’d like to note that the legendary cabin with the drone control perk announced in the first part of the blog will change its type and become “medium” instead of “heavy”.

Epic heavy machine gun “Gungnir”

An unusual weapon. A machine gun for those who don’t like machine guns. The opposite of a machine gun. You can go on and on thinking up all sorts of names for “Gungnir”, but let’s take a closer look at this machine gun instead.

Like “Nothung”, it’s a fairly small weapon in height. Low rate of fire, high one-time damage and durability. The machine gun rotates freely around its axis. And the most interesting thing is its perk.

As the machine gun heats up (i.e., as it fires), its rate of fire decreases slightly, but the spread becomes almost unnoticeable. You shoot a little slower, but fairly accurately even at long range. All those who don’t like machine guns for the mechanics of spread increase during continuous firing should definitely try out “Gungnir”! And fans of firing their machine guns will discover this type of weapon from a completely new perspective.

If we compare “Gungnir” with other epic machine guns (“Spectre-2”, “ST-M26 Tackler”, “M-29 Protector”), then the new weapon has higher damage, range and accuracy.

Epic heavy cabin “Huginn”

It’s time to reveal the secret of the very cabin that we talked about in previous blogs. By the way, many of you have identified its main features quite accurately!

This cabin will appeal to the fans of heavy vehicles with any weapon that has the mechanics of weapon overheating and cooling.

But first, let’s talk about its parameters. This is the lightest, and also, albeit not by much, but the fastest cabin among all the “heavy” cabins. Despite the smaller mass, its durability is comparable to such cabins as the “Humpback”, “Savior” and “Icebox”. Of course, such parameters require certain restrictions: among all the heavy cabins, “Huginn” will have the lowest parameters of tonnage and mass limit. However, considering its perk, the vehicles with this cabin probably won’t carry an unbearable amount of parts.

Each overheated weapon used in conjunction with this cabin will activate 1 special charge (there can be a maximum 3 charges). Each charge, at the cost of temporarily reducing the power and speed of the cabin, will boost the cooling of weapons, and the effects of several charges will stack. We recommend everyone to try combining this cabin and a cooler in battle — you won’t be disappointed! We’d also like to remind you about the interesting combination of “Huginn” and “Nothung”, which we described in the previous devblog.

The cabin has a very convenient form-factor: 8 “pins” wide, about 7 “pins” in length and only 4 “pins” in height. In addition to its shape, it has a lot of attachment points that will allow you to protect it from all sides.

New CKs

The next season will also include a number of new CKs. Introducing: the incredible “Hammerhead fish” for the “Omnibox” cabin and the first in-game customization kit for a drone, “CK Kobold” for the “Fuse” drone!

The update is scheduled for next week. And on Tuesday, January 31, we will hold an official livestream, where we will show you the new items and important changes.


Yep… Liking every word of that. I hope it’s as good as it sounds to me.

One of the things I have really not liked about some of the newer cabinets is how oddly shaped they are. This one sounds nice. I also like the idea of a slower firing more accurate machine gun. Kind of how the median blurred the lines between autocannon and cannon, it sounds like this blurs the line between autocannon and machine gun.

As for the cks, I’m really liking those as well. I use the Omni box a lot, so really looking forward to that. And the fuse just looks funny. Love it.

Yes! I’d been asking for a drone CK, and the CK for the Omnibox…

…I like that too.


Can’t say I’m excited anymore though the models look nice. Just not much of a heavy cab user.

On a side note it’s kind of a shame that you can’t really custom paint your drones.

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Pity. I mean, the parts look cool and all but if that is the definition of “fraction” in XO, then it’s definitely a pity.

The new machine gun is odd to say the least, especially with a perk that sorta sounds like you need to use it in a way that nobody I know of uses machine guns/rapid fire machine guns/autocannons, which is just firing with them by holding the button down, rather than tap firing or burst firing. Maybe it’d be like a reverse cyclone in a way? Sounds absolutely useless either way at a first glance and not very different to what we have, tap firing machine guns already makes them pretty darn accurate.

Thank god they made it a heavy cabin, by the sounds of the cabins perk it sounds like it could have been a complete nightmare as a medium or light cabin with say three Gravastars for example, just constant firing. But I am sure this’ll find a way to backfire in one way or the other, can’t make proper heads or tails of the perk but as far as I understand it overheating your guns gives you a boost to either cooling or heating, and boy do those kinds of guns really already do so poorly in combat. Though it might be an indirect way to have 12 energies on a heavy build for those guns, because the build in perk is like a radiator or something into which you would have needed that 1 extra energy

The Fuze CK is awesome though, cute little naval mine on wheels, makes me wish I was a Fuze player. So far it’s the only “part” I am genuinely excited about in the whole battlepass. Omnicube CK is awesome too, it looks like the head/cockpit of a Metal Gear of some kind

Aesthetics are awesome, core parts aren’t wow-ing me yet. Hope there will be some cool paints and decorative parts in it


Remember, they don’t post everything coming with the faction. There will certainly be a few structural parts, paints, stickers, work pieces…

Plus there is the new map. That’s cool.

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And I know what my artic APC will be, 4x of the new tracks, 2x fused fuzes, and 1x reaper. This kobold will start deploying kobolds.

I’m hoping the new tracks are at the right height to match with tank tracks. Been in the mood to make a giant tank.


This is going to be a weird battlepass. No creativity from the devs at all. We don’t need anymore machine guns. Last battle pass was unique with the heather and avalanche.
It is finally confirmed, devs does not listen to the playerbase one bit so it is just as well to stop throwing out new ideas for weapons and modules on the forums because there are better odds of winning the lottery than being heard by the crossout devs.
They should of made a automatic fast firing lazer gun for accuracy at least it would of been unique.

List of legendary weapon types

Machine guns-5(will be 6 with gungnir)
Auto cannons- 2
rocket launchers-3
grenade launchers-1
energy wepons- 5
crossbows- 1
melee weapons-1
flame weapons 2-
mine layers- 2
Uncategorized Weapons- 1


There is no doubt that machine guns are the most in the game, I don’t hate new machine guns, it’s always good to have something new anyway, but I also wish there were more other weapons, as for the high rate of fire laser, I would like the legendary aurora to appear or laser auto cannon

The devs were concerned about accuracy and a new lazer gun would of did that. Probably give it high damage but 150m meter range to give it balance over helios. This battlepass is gonna be so stale.

I’m happy that the new MGs aren’t spray-and-pray guns.
Not that I’m a great shot, but I like the idea of precision being rewarded.

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I hope that there is more to it then what they showed too. It does feel really light for a faction starter BP. It’s strange to me that everything is pushed towards heavy as well. I kind of expected to see more CKs for the event too.

I got bored with all their guns years ago, so I don’t care if they introduce another lot or not, and I have no interest in these new ones. I’m good with CKs and new structure parts, decor, etc, and aside from the goofy perks, the new cabs.

Not long ago, people were saying heavy cabs needed more love. Well, there it is; heavy cab love. It’s not my thing, but I know other people like’m. Maybe, I’ll learn to like this new heavy cab. IDK.

I do like that they decided a medium cab would work better for their drone-boat cab, than a heavy cab. I appreciate them rescuing that.

What I like so far is the overall aesthetic, the Hyborean dieselpunk theme, the drone-cab and the Fuse CK.

The least they could do is to make new bots with the new parts and set the roam free in Awakening. So people would see the reason to come and test their cars against bots with new weapons.

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I don’t think this is the type of love they meant when suggesting it though. lol…


That fairly well addresses our criticisms and questions about it from the other thread…

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Nothing in this game rewards spraying and praying. Bad breakers in Rust used to spray and pray, good breakers would murder your guns in 3 seconds. Same for MGs, same for lasers, etc.

The higher you go in CW, the faster your weapons fall. Nobody plays volley or burst weapons up there. Not a single soul.

It’s actually one of my main complaints with the game. The variety in terms of viable gameplays is sooooo, sooooooooo low since Supercharged (and the Draco nerfs before that)

I’m talking about miniguns and any other weapon that encourages holding down your fire button. If that’s not spray-and-pray, I don’t know what is.
Obviously aim still matters, but not in the same way as single shot weapons or ones that depend greatly on tap firing.