New features of the upcoming season. Part 2: Co-drivers system rework

Ich hoffe, die Übersetzung hilft.

lol lol lol, bullshit. enschädigung fürn arsch bekommt man von euch wiedermal
die ruhmpkt müßen dann wieder im store gekauft werden? GARANTIERT. ALLE Änderungen sind für die top 10 clane nix weiter

Yeah, without some of the fundamental buffs the drivers give they could just mess everything up :slight_smile:

One way or the other a change is needed.

Let’s just hope it for the better.

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thats true but a good game provider / programmer makes it not bad so we targem!

i’m here just hoping there is a co-driver that gives large stat buffs that only apply to heavy cabins, or just generally something that is better on heavy cabins

Yeah, +2 energy buff :+1:

I can’t say I like it but it might not be a good show of what it does either… While some are saying it’s over complicated it looks way less effective then what we already have. One of the good points of the old system was you could train up only the co-drivers you personally felt were useful to you. In this it looks like you have to unlock them sequentially which is kind of annoying.

Most users I’ve talked to only wanted ignored weapons and cab combos to be dealt with. The majority of the issue was a failure to update the system not the system itself.

Holding cross-hairs on an enemy isn’t always possible either that will become very annoying. I really hope that isn’t used everywhere.

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25% speed seems like a bit much.

That’s what I thought too, but nobody could ever tell Charlie what to do. The dude bragged about having a briefcase full of cocaine on national TV, had three live-in prostitutes, was accused of sexually assaulting a minor, never even got investigated, let alone arrested for anything. Went on a “comedy” tour to brag about it even. He’s got AIDS now, so…you can run but you can’t hide, I guess.

As far as the game is concerned, a 25% buff to speed is still barely 70 mph tops for most applications. I suppose that’s fast for a dune-buggy. It would be fast for this game too, I suppose.

If people think that post is legit, I could probably get in trouble. You realize it’s a gag, right? Just checking. This is the second comment I’ve gotten over it where I couldn’t tell if the reader realizes I just made that schit up in photo-shop. You wouldn’t be BS’ing a BS’er would you? Yes, I deserve it, sure…but, I’m just checking.

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lol it would probably be the only thing that would bring me back to the game… 143-4kmh, a man can dream

It’s sad that it’s a joke post, as 25% isn’t even that much :’/


In all honesty - it all we be heavily rebalanced within 6 months after launch, so I wouldnt even bother screaming and complaining until 2nd nerf/buff.

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I have a feeling they’ll creep the speed back up one way or another.
The physics engine in this game is odd to me , in that even though the speedometer says I’m going relatively slow (50 mph, or 80 kph) the cars act like they are going much faster. I Launched a 6 wheeled Bigfooter off a rock (no booster) quite spectacularly last night, as if I were going well over 100 kph. It was glorious, and ended in a win for our team. Fun has been sparse pickin’s for me in this game lately, but that match was a blast.

I think they are going to shake things up a lot with this update and renovation, and this game could be very different soon. It will always be Crossout though, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Ya, I would expect it to be a mess at first. That wouldn’t be unusual at all for a Crossout update. They usually work themselves out eventually…however I still haven’t seen them address the sticky cars issue with their wedge-“fix.” I hope they plan on fixing that. It’s really awful and siphons a good deal of fun out of this game, IMO. I hate it, can’t wait for it to go away. It’s like a secondary speed nerf, or free spark perk for some builds.
Anyway, this update looks tumultuous but hopeful, yet I’m sure there will be rivers of tears no matter how it turns out. There always are, because Crossout is a game run by people who can make the public angry by giving them free stuff. It never ceases to amaze me at how bad they are at marketing their product.

-. - ew…

Ps. 70mph is not slow. That’s like 110km. The game overall does have its speed limits imposed though. Like a transport truck speed limits in Canada are 105km/h on the faster roads. Obviously the trucks can move a bit faster than that. I use transport trucks as a reference point because crossout maxed out heavy cabs are similar in weight to real life transport trucks with fully loaded trailers. But they can only reach max speeds in the 80km range withought rocket boosters or some other extra propulsions.

Thus the what? 125 max speed you can reach on any given cab without rocket boosters; does seem kind of low. But people also like to compare xout car weight to stock civilian sedans. Which… Are basically only found in lower than 3000 powerscore. The smaller cabins in crossout are capable of hauling significantly more than their real life counterparts, so in that respect its logical for things in crossout to move slower overall than real life. Purple light cabs max out over 8k base mass. That’s 3.5/4 stock sedans smushed together. That’s almost half a transport trucks weight(or over 1/3 of a big transport with a full trailer). That’s a few elephants worth of car on just the lightest cabs in the purple tier.

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As long as they don’t forget what’s important and that is the extra second of flight time Hans gives my tow

I wouldn’t hold my breath, they said in the last live stream they intended to slow the game down even more.

Co-drivers have needed a rework for so long. So many worthless perks!

Hans top perk is a 5% Mandrake accuracy? Plus, Clarinet TOW and ATGM Flute flight times?
Stone-Deaf’s top perk is a +5 km/h buff to only the Trucker cabin?
Misty buffs a dumb drone for the Werewolf cabin or reloading the Phoenix?

Just so many useless perks that effect very specific gear that very few people have interest in using.

Really?! OMG, no. I hope not. They’ll not likely be entertaining many new players if they do.
I tried a simple old-school Thug build to go screw around in easy raids with last night, and it was terrible. I couldn’t do it because of how sluggish it felt.
I started messing around with power-fusions like you had suggested, to help clear it up, but I haven’t made any real progress with that yet. I built a Hadron cannon build instead, and got distracted (it was fun), but that’s my latest project; an all power-fused something-build, anything.

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Co driver rework is long overdue, although this does have some obvious balance concerns. Close range builds does not need to be “even more dangerous” nor do things like Scorps need to be more annoying.

With only 3 perks and a conditional 4th perk, co driver selection will require a bit more thought now other than just using MJ or Jade for everything. I’ll probably be making some changes to my main Fortune build so it’ll work with whichever co driver gives blast radius or velocity bonuses as I suspect the mass/tonnage passives will be limited to the Tankman driver.

Yes, but then they released Sabbaths in the very next update.


I suspect what they meant is that they want to make heavy cabs more viable, not necessarily by slowing down fast builds.