New features of the upcoming season. Part 2: Co-drivers system rework

they been working on “it” for 5 years…

I would watch it again.

I never saw it in the first place. Just guessing there might be some translation/ESL confusion. Wouldn’t be the first time.
Also, in a previous live stream, they said something closer to my interpretation.

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I maxed out master jack a long time ago to get that extra 500 kg and all my builds have it in use, and im not really looking forward to having to scrap them all or redesign great looking rides for the nth time because they will all be overweight and I am not willing to give up the looks of them so if this driver rework kills my builds I will be done with this game

The first word in the slogan of this game is craft - if you dont rebuild all of your cars within 6 month you are stagnating, you are not developing, not trying new and not enjoying it. You have optimized the fun out of the game as the prophecy told.


I build things all the time and spent a long time getting all those resources to get a maxed out master jack to have fun. That 500 extra mass does my done builds wonders so unless they have something comparable or better ill find a different driving based game as the physics for driving in this need more work than the drivers did. The wedge fix that broke everything and makes you loose all power and acceleration and speed from bumping anything should have been fixed first or the meshing on buildings and terrain that act like super magnets and stick you to them is also worse off than the drivers


Yes, 100 times yes - if a heavy melee touches your back you are done, because your growl suddenly cant outrun a trucker cabin. It is likely to be fixed - at some point next year, considering the usual fix frequency.


I’ll second that. Very yes. Absolutely, yes.
While this massive overhaul of co-drivers is exciting, to say the least (I don’t think its on the right track though), those sticky cars are annoying, and so is the sticky furniture. I’m past ready for that to go away, and so are a lot of other kids.

Personally I’d like it if collisions were a little bouncy, rather than sticky, so as to give you the potential for a chance to escape from melee that rams you and pins you. If it knocked you around a little you might not get stuck in their clutches so often, and instead may get knocked clear with survivable damage to continue playing, I think. I’d rather see a fix along those lines than a nerf to small tracks, Borers, or saws, etc.
Also, because the speed got nerfed, those sticky cars and furniture are even more of a buzz-kill now, because you’ll be cruising along then, lag, then your rig arbitrarily and spontaneously slams it’s self into a wall, which you then have to peel yourself off of, like Velcro, and start your run again back from zero. It’s very irritating, IMO. If I just bounced off those static objects, and the hostile objects (like bad guys) it would be so much more fun, I think.

There will def be codrivers with something like that master jack perk. I’m sure your builds will be fine.

If I had my way (maybe it’s wonky?), I’d have each faction provide it’s own group of co drivers, each only buffing various aspects of the equipment manufactured by their particular faction. As you climbed the ladder in a faction, perhaps more co-drivers would be made available to punctuate your advanced access to the new equipment on their faction’s bench.
Some of the rouge factions (that just blow through, like the Ravens) could maybe offer a sort of hybrid Co-driver that might buff combined aspects of multiple factions, as well as their faction specific gear (if they have any).

My aim would be to make factions more relevant, and for our builds to develop more faction character as we progress.
When I started, I sort of assumed it would be like that, since I’ve done a bit of RPGs in the past and that kind of system of character development seems common there (player-character class/type). You pick a character (build) with a certain lore, then develop that tree accordingly.
This system is a little chaotic and doesn’t have a lot of logic binding it together, currently. I don’t really see that idea being implemented with this future update, but I would like it to.

The whole game just acts like everything weighs 5x more than it does. A tank ramming a tank wont bounce it but just stick to it. The same reason a 'high speed head on collision (Jesus -high speed- sounds weird to describe XO) doesn’t lift your rear part off the ground as it should. A light non-pancake craft should be able to tumble and roll when flipped. Even accelerating feels like you are just much heavier than shown.

I know they have said they don’t want more speed, and in fact want to make the game slower, but I’m missing the real reason behind it.

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I told that before and I say it again: the game physics should be overhauled. This is at least some players can agree on.

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It’s all because they’ve used their tank game engine with it’s physics, and made a new game with it that involves cars.
Unfortunately, it works with these heavy tracked behemoths, but not with wheeled racers.

As much as we all frown and cry about the broken physics, we are all grateful to get a free unique game like Crossout.
(Yes Crossout is free, and you can have the things you want just by playing, unless you want relics, and I find zero reasons for that, except simply like having the biggest guns. Some will argue, but I’ll say it again, I have all that I need/want, and never spent a dime, except to get a decor I wanted)


You can’t claim to know how tanks act when ramming eachother. You have no reference on it. The fact that cars rear ends don’t lift on front end collisions isn’t a big deal for in game physics. Also our “tanks” are far lighter than actual tanks irl. Our tanks are like 26,000kg max. Rl tanks are like 20tons+. So on how tanks ram… Your just using your imagination.

I am confused: 26 000 kilograms is about 26 tons (depending on the type of “ton”), so wouldn’t that make Crossout tanks pretty similar to real tanks?

Correct my brain farted on that conversion lol. 900ish kg to a ton. My brain went pounds by accident. Still my point does stand. Because our tanks are the same as light tanks. Tanks get get up to 70-120 tons. I’d say most tanks are probably 40+ tons. That’s a looot heavier than tanks in crossout made out of scrap.

I just think bumper cars would be more fun than sticky cars, and might solve some issues nerfing Borer durability doesn’t really address.
I’m not sure it would be more realistic (and I don’t care), but then sticky cars and sticky rocks aren’t either .
Just for the sake of fun, and maybe putting some more life back into passive melee again, I’d like to see a little bounce from collisions. I think the potential for cool action shots and game clips would be more spectacular with cars flying into the air and tumbling across the dirt from hearty collisions. JMO.

Also, passive melee is something I liked to play, but since the fix that hasn’t really been much of a thing, IMO. It’s a feature pretty much burned, and I liked passive melee, hit and run, turn and shoot, a lot. A lot. And, now that’s sort of over, and risking getting stuck on somebody’s grill is all that really ends up happening now. I can still yank a red tire off every now and then, but it mostly over.

Same with raids. Any kind of melee there isn’t that great anymore, and I used to love to soften and pop bad-guys in raids with passive melee. Now if you try that your front end comes off, because they’re loaded with explosives. Now Machine gun or AC camping is the only way to do it for me. I like bulls-eyeing them in their explosives packs with the ACs, but it’s nowhere near as fun as catching a soft one with the Hatchets and driving through the explosion like a movie-star, IMO.

If I was king, that is how we would all be driving to work in the morning.
I love bumper cars.

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Those buggy wheels would get rammed in to skrunches pretty fast.

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And you can’t claim I have no reference. (Which I don’t, but you can’t claim it) :laughing:

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. We are not discussing real tanks. But if you have reference and CAN claim they lift the rear even at lower speeds, then thanks for proving my point that cars in XO should too.

I didn’t say our ‘tanks’ ARE as heavy as real tanks (although you are wrong to say some aren’t). I said they ACT as heavy. even if the number shown is lower. Key word, ACT.

They are using the physics (even assets) of another of their games, made for heavy, slow tanks. And it feels.

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