New features of the upcoming season. Part 3

New features of the upcoming season. Part 3

Hello, survivors!

Today we are releasing the third part of our devblog, which means the start of the new season is getting closer! Let’s take a look at the new special autocannon, the legendary artillery launcher and 2 more new CKs.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Special autocannon for short and medium distance firing

We continue to expand the range of “special” weapons for those players who have just begun their journey in the Wasteland world, as well as for those who occasionally take part in battles on lower PS levels, but don’t want to change their favourite weapon.

This special autocannon is the predecessor of the epic “Whirl”. But, if it seemed to you that this is another “younger” version of the weapon, with all its parameters being lower than for its epic counterpart, then it’s not so simple.

This autocannon has a slightly lower rate of fire, has less durability, and heats up faster. But on the other hand, it deals the same amount of damage as “Cyclone” and has an increased firing accuracy!

We are sure that this curious weapon will find its fans among the autocannon enthusiasts or those who just want to try this type of weapon out.

Legendary rocket artillery

Have you often wanted to punish an impudent enemy who has taken up a position and is now firing from that hill over there with one powerful and precise shot? Or take a moving enemy by surprise with one unexpected shot? Then this weapon is for you!

After a first quick glance, some might say that this is the second “Mandrake”. But the first impression is deceptive: all these weapons have in common is their aiming mechanics.

Artillery shells hit without a miss. Do you remember how randomly the shells of “Mandrake” can scatter on the battlefield? 5 artillery rockets launched at the same time hit much more accurately, and you have almost no chance of missing a stationary target. If the enemy didn’t understand who he was dealing with and didn’t begin to change his position before your next shot, then it’s likely that he will no longer be able to retaliate.

The full power of this artillery can be observed during movement: the weapon’s reloading will be boosted as the speed of your armoured car increases. This will allow you to get even more benefit from frequent position changes: not only will you be safe, but you will also be on your guard.

Finally, we’d like to mention the ability to conduct accurate preemptive fire: once in a battle against a driver armed with powerful artillery, the enemies will always plan their route carefully. Or they will pay for their carelessness.

Customization kits for the “Aurora” combat laser and “Small track”

Many of you have commented that there are plenty of CKs for wheels in the game, but there are none for other types of movement parts. Let’s change this situation: we present you the first CK for the small track!

As for “Aurora”, we think you will immediately guess who created this new appearance for this laser. It would seem that a weapon of a high-tech faction cannot become even more high-tech, right? The Syndicate can do anything.

Additional information about the co-driver system rework

In the last devblog, we briefly described the rework of co-drivers, which will be one of the new features included in the upcoming update. In the comments, we’ve received a lot of questions about the reasons why we compensate only the experience earned by leveling up the existing co-drivers, but not the resources spent on unlocking their skills.

We want to clarify this point: it’s not just experience that will be compensated with glory points, but the resources as well, so your new co-driver line-up will be equivalent to the one you have now! In other words, those who didn’t invest resources into unlocking the levels of their current co-drivers and limited themselves to only levels for “experience” will receive less glory points than those who unlocked all levels and spent resources.

In the next devblog we will share the information about a couple new parts, as well as about a long-awaited return of… can you guess what? Yes, the co-drivers system rework is not the only surprise of the upcoming update.

See you soon!


DocSavage MVP as usual


I am very excited about the new artillery weapon!

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Anybody else think some of the new CK graphics, for example the Harpy, and these Small-Tracks, look like they are made from the internals of a computer? I think they do, and I think the pun is funny (that they are inside my computer).

I’m not terribly excited about the Small-Tracks CK, as I’m tired of seeing them entirely, but at least they’ll look cooler when I do. It’s a good looking model.
Maybe, I’ll buy a set instead of complaining about them being OP. I’m sure they’ll nerf them once I do (problem solved). That’s just how that goes often.
I hope the new Missile launcher will work well with (be properly buffed by) the Dusk I was planning on Fusing on the Raven’s Bench. That would work out good for me.

They sure are building up a lot of tension for this update. I hope it doesn’t flop. All this build up would make that pretty anticlimactic. I expect a lot of lamentations over it one way or another, since it seems so extreme, with the co-driver rework and all. Overall, I think I like the direction the game has been heading.

I don’t like Crosscrowns, and I don’t like Stabilizers or the Fusion feature in general, but I’ve found I can live without the Crosscrowns just fine (if it helps the devs get paid, whatever), and I can live with the fusion feature happily as well.
Also I like hearing they are giving some attention to the Aces…and does this mean they are going to allow me to actually get into a scrap in a low-PS build?

Because unless they do something about the matchmaker I’m being pushed into PS 7-9k, and just don’t get into matches below 5K often, and if I use a BoomStick build it just doesn’t happen at all. I can’t get a match with those things, and I don’t feel like they are that great above 7K. I would switch to Lancelots (probably will anyway), but I have a cool CK for the Boomsticks, so I don’t want to.
There’s a good bit in my inventory that is simply useless because it only works at a power-score I can no longer play at, like my Thug and various CKs. I’m trying to move on, but I like my Thug. I’m not selling it.

Anyway, I’m anxious to see this update hit the fan…but not too soon, because my graphics card finally burnt out a few days ago, so I can’t play at all right now. I’m waiting for another (used) card in the mail. So…I hope it gets here before the Ravens event is over, because I was planning on fusing my Dusk, then I can go wreck stuff properly with this groovy new missile launcher, hopefully.

All looks good to me…but no sticky cars fix? Drat.

Looks to me like the next season might be a return of the syndicate, which I am definitely OK with. Even though I’m not that into the high tech thing, I do like the structure pieces for building, and Jannabi is a really fun light cabin. I even like Yokozuna, although I think it could use some buffing.
Edit: I could be wrong. The big cannon and the new AC don’t seem very syndicate-ish.

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This new artillery weapon is badly needed. There needs to be something that keeps fat machine gun spiders from doing nothing and winning. If the rockets have a fast bullet speed, like a Javelin Missile, this could very well improve the game. Also, these will be far better than Crickets for range because they can be buried into builds and won’t be easily one shotted by Scorps.

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i honestly love how this looks, it makes me want to get a few small tracks myself which ill probably do.

depends on the size to. from what im seeing it looks pretty big. but we never know till it comes out. honestly i really like how it looks.


I just hope it’s usable instead of being a cosmetic part like Drake.

Looks like you’re probably right. It’s Syndicate stuff, but you’re also right that some of it isn’t syndicate-blue and doesn’t look like it belongs on a Syndicate bench. It probably is anyway, but there might be more surprises yet to come too.

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The Legendary rocket artillery looks neat and I always like autocannons though they don’t get played that often.

Looks like the factions in the new season are steppenwolves and syn as the things are 50/50


I like the idea of a new Mandrake-like weapon, but at the same time worry that the game in it’s current state is just too mobile for such a weapon to do much, I rarely see enemies that have “taken up position” rather than just blindly rushing at you and driving all over the place, mostly to the point that the Mandrake feels obsolete as a weapon no matter how much I wanted to make it work like back in the day, but enemies just move around too much and focus on close range combat rather than trying any kind of sniping from a position. Not to mention a few maps that completely render the weapon mostly ineffective, like Sinto city and that one map with the roof over most of it

We have to wait and see just how accurate it is and how that will effect it’s usage, and how close to yourself you can aim, but I fear that this weapon is going to be the Vulture of this battle pass

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I dont feel like there is a PS limit - I am lvl 30 with engineers and 3k PS is still working


I’m jealous. I liked the simplicity of the builds, and that I could easily build something new everyday to race around the Wasteland in, and nobody has guns strong enough to end a fight quickly. You could escape, use more tactics…I could go on. There are a lot of reasons I like the lower power-scores better.

It’s not that I hate the game up high, as much as building stuff that will survive is either very META, or it’s just more involved and complicated, and takes a lot more effort…then you get swatted by Boomsticks 20 seconds into the mission.

I hate it when that happens. It’s the only in-game weapon that I feel like has actually assaulted me personally, in my chair, here at the computer. It’s made me jump out of my chair and spill my coffee more than a few times.

I had to get me some.

But I can’t play them.

That build is around 5.5K and it just sits and spins in the queue. The game might let me run it once, but after that it sits and sits. It’s the Boomsticks in particular that’s doing it, because I can get into matches under 6K, just not with that build.
The first time I took it out it got MVP, just like that. After that night (I think I was allowed to run it several times that evening), I can’t get a match with it.
I blame it on low player population and the effects that has on the matchmaker. It’s like the matchmaker is searching for a particular kind of match, rather than a simply random match, and has trouble finding it, so it sits.
I have other builds I run under 6K, but only that ones sits and doesn’t get matches.

I need to get Lancelots and start smacking kids in the upper tiers, I guess. Maybe I will too, but I wish I could just run this rig. It works. It’s the same play-style, and I have those cool CKs for the Boomsticks. I don’t feel like I should have to buy more crap to do this gig. This rig works great, if they’d let me in.

I think higher player population alleviates this problem, and at peak hours I get fewer of those kinds of issues.

You’re on PC, right? Doesn’t make sense that I can find low PS matches quickly on PS4, but you can’t.
Where are you? Maybe it’s a region thing? I’m in Toronto, which I am guessing puts me mostly with people in other big cities in the US and Canada, but then again, I sometimes still see Siberian Jay in game, and he’s in Finland.
I know PC players can select regions, so is it possible you changed those settings at some point and forgot?

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I’m glad to hear Siberian Jay is still out there.

I usually have my region set to auto. Is that the problem? What should I switch it too, I wonder? I’d love that to be the answer, but I assumed that the Auto-setting would give me any region available and was the least restrictive. Is that not how it works?
I’m in south western USA.

Seeing this atrocity I am glad it doesnt get into the game. Getting killed by boombuild is just an FU - you cant really interact with it, boo build is just going to die afterwards anyway. Its like “ha, I dont want to play this and neither shall you” type of build.

Ya, I suppose that’s how it can go. It sure is a drag to be on the other end of those things, but my team-mates are usually fine with it when I take out that Borer build that’s so common at that power-score, and is having it’s way with them. Not a lot counters them easily down there, but that build sure does.

For me, a good match with those will take out 3 guys in PVP. A typical match with that particular build was taking out two. That’s not just throwing in the towel after one hit, and calling that match farmed. With it’s speed, agility, passive Melee and a Fuse in the trunk, I can harass a lot of the more clumsy active melee that is overpopulating the Wasteland, while my team mates with ACs enjoy the target practice from a safer distance.

It’s fun when it works, and that’s why I miss that build.
I’ve been surprised by how many times I can get MVP with those things. It’s a good support vehicle for melee rich environments. I try to make it work for my whole team in PVP when I play, and it does.

I understand why some people wouldn’t like them. I hated them at first, too.

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There so much to look forward to in this BP. I’m excited about so Much of it I have to once again complain about the limited blueprint spaces. Because it looks like I’m going to want to build around 10 builds (solos and fusions) with all the new gear. And I’m getting danger close to my max 64 now.


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