New features of the upcoming season. Part 5

New features of the upcoming season. Part 5

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Today we release the final development blog about the upcoming season. Some of you have guessed correctly that we are going to finally show a new cabin and, possibly, a new module. Let’s find out more about these parts!

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Passive defence module of legendary rarity

With this module, the vital parts of your armoured car will be safely protected! The device uses power nodes — special welding points that provide an additional bonus to the parts that are attached to them. The new module is able to absorb half of the damage dealt to parts that are attached to its power nodes.

  • The module can only absorb a certain amount of damage, i.e. the absorption resource is limited.
  • If the damage that the module absorbs doesn’t exceed or is not equal to the absorption threshold, then the resource is gradually restored if no damage is dealt to the parts attached to the module. Taking damage interrupts the recharging process.
  • If the damage absorbed by the module exceeds the absorption resource, then the excess damage is dealt to the module itself. In this case, the module recharges and the defence resource will not be available until it is completed.

Let’s analyze everything with examples (all numerical values are provided only to make the examples more understandable):

Example 1

  • Let’s assume that the absorption resource of the module is 200 pts.
  • The enemy fires at your weapon, which is attached to the module’s power node and deals 100 damage.
  • The weapon receives 50 damage, and the remaining 50 pts. are consumed by the module’s resource. Its absorption resource is reduced from 200 pts. to 150.
  • If the module doesn’t absorb any damage again within a few seconds, its resource begins to gradually restore back to 200 pts.

Example 2

  • The enemy fires at your weapon, which is attached to the module’s power node and deals 600 damage.
  • The weapon receives 300 damage, and the remaining 300 pts. are absorbed by the module. But, because its resource is limited to 200 pts., it absorbs only these 200 and the remaining 100 pts. deal direct damage to its durability. In this case, the module is deactivated until the resource is fully restored and will be able to absorb damage again only after the recharge is complete.

Lightweight legendary cabin

If you compare the parameters of the new cabin with the ones of “Griffon”, you will not notice any striking differences. The cabin has a slightly higher maximum speed, but a slightly lower tonnage and mass limit. The cabin is not as durable as “Griffon”, but at the same time, it is noticeably lighter. And the main “feature” of the cabin is, of course, its perk.

As you know, there are a lot of parts in the game that impose various negative effects on opponents. Such effects, for example, include: heating of parts, slowing down an armoured car and weapon rotation, shells that are attached to the vehicle and explode after a while, etc.

Now imagine that in the heat of battle you can ignore all these effects and, as if nothing had happened, circle around the enemy at the same speed and/or not be afraid that the vehicle parts will receive increased damage from heating.

All this is possible with the new cabin! Its perk not only removes all negative effects from your armoured car, but also makes the car immune to them for the entire time while the perk is active. The same applies to enemy shells that are attached to your armoured car: they will be automatically destroyed. Once used, the perk recharges for a certain amount of time.

New structural parts

In the new season, each player will be able to get the left and right versions of two new structural parts: “APC fender” and “Turret vault”.

New decorations

We haven’t forgotten about those survivors who always strive to assemble the most authentic cars. New neon lights and side mirrors will be at your service!

This concludes our series of devblogs about the upcoming update “Big chase”. We remind you that the season is planned to be launched in the middle of July. In case there are any balance tweaks or other important changes planned for this update, we’ll be sure to inform you about it in our news.


Looks like good stuff to me.

I wonder if the new cab removes Kappcans?

If that cabin does remove Kapkans then it’ll be the go-to cabin for W pushers aka indirect buff to melee, so I hope not as they do enough pandering to W pushers with all the in-map invisible walls to stop claiming. getting to high ground, so I hope it doesn’t affect kapkans being a speedy light weight cabin, maybe a heavy slow cabin that did that be fine.

i love the concept of the new module, but i 'm 100% sure it is going to flop hard and be really bad if it does not have over 1000 durability, or just consumes even a singular point of energy.

There’s like 7 maps in CW, 2 of them have acid, two others are giant ass open fields with 2-3 containers to peekaboo with your hover scorp, and you claim that Targem is “pandering to W pushers” with their maps?


the only pandering towards W pushers in this game is that hovers have been kept stupidly strong for 4+ years, and the only thing that toasts them is w pushing lmao. If you want people to stop W pushing you, play something that actually takes the fights instead of squeezing S as hard as possible.

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On topic, that defensive module looks like Targem really wants Heavy cabs to be less tanky than med cabs, as usual. Can they stop releasing 1 energy defensive modules that completely negate what little dura advantage heavies get in echange of their 12th energy point?

You assumed I’m a hover player, you are wrong, I’ve tried using hovers and I drive around like I am drunk and blind, but nice try, are you a W pusher? I don’t assume the Dev’s pander to W pushers, they do, W pushers complained about spiders/tracks and hovers going on top of rocks and ledges, soon afterward invisible walls started appearing in side maps, maps were flattened and some map features that you could climb on were removed. So put 2 to 2 together
I don’t play CW’s so I don’t care if the maps in that mode don’t suit W pushers, I just dislike invisible walls and flattening maps so 1 type of build can get an advantage. so yeah you probably play W builds I’ve not own hovers in 3 plus years lol I play mostly tracks and wheels and by putting invisible walls in the map and flatening them they’ve indirectly nerfed tracks and buffed melee

Then why are you struggling against dogs if you ain’t on hovers? There’s pretty much nothing left that’s scary except Firebug Flash and Breaker Flash…


If dogs didn’t have 5000 DPS…

I am very excited about the new cabin. Sounds like it will be as fast as Griffon used to be, and that’s the main thing I care about. Perk looks cool too, although I think I prefer Griffon’s perk.

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I can’t wait to Levi wars with builds that can remove negative effects.

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I’m looking forward to it myself, and I think I like this perk better than the one the Griffon has.

Up until this point I’ve been scraping my fancy gear from Battle Passes. The high power-scores on that stuff made most of the cabs and guns undesirable to me, but now because of the way the matchmaker treats me I need more of that stuff to play. So, I’m looking forward to replenishing some of that gear now, and for me this will make a great replacement for that Griffon I scraped.

This next update will be an interesting one. There’s lots of cool new stuff coming, but that co-pilot thing is going to take some heat and some patches, probably.

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I never claim I struggle with you and your fellow WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW users, my problem is W users cried for the dev’s to make it so no one could climb stuff and thus the dev’s limited the game space within the map with invisible walls and flattening maps and changing the terrain, that’s my problem, you can WWWWWWWWWWW to your heart desires but don’t cry to put up invisible walls and change the maps to favour your WWWWWWw play habits. I like tracks but am not saying all none track movement parts need to be slowed down so I can keep up, NO!

I think the word you’re looking for is “climb,” but I’m with you on the invisible walls.

I’d like to see them take some of them down in Adventure Mode so I can climb more rocks. A lot of other kids like it too. It’s fun, and the views can be pretty nice, I think.

I’m not sure about allowing climbing in PVP as it is, but I think the issues could be worked out.


Yeah, I’m not talking about climbing up tall buildings like in the factory-type maps, but ledges, car piles small buildings like on the tower map and adding more ledges that tracks, legs can get up but W users can’t, but low enough anyone with a firing weapon could still shot and hit targets.

I’m not sure what to think of the Defense module.

New cabin: Do we really need another dog cabin? I’m glad that the perk won’t affect other vehicles as well. I would hate to see Firedogs receive an indirect buff.

The structure and Decor items look nice.

Yeah i saw countless players climbing the rocks in awakening mode. So climbing things is a must in this game honesly. Why not put an out of bounds timer on the stuff thats easy to get at or climb up on to get away from someone and if you keep doing it the timer gets shorter and shorter until kaboom ur dead meat. So like say ur a crab Walker and u see a bad guy coming for you and u walk up to get away from it. The timer starts and i have to get down but if i get back up on it again the timer is shorter and will blow u up if stayed on it too long or messed with that area too much type deal and you are not taking damage of course. But if you get pushed into that area from an enemey it wont start the count but will if zero contact is achieved during that battle. Idk im just throwing that out there. Maybe a halo 3 sandbox mode type deal and if you go outside you get blasted by the protectors or the ones up high type scenario. i used to build beyond the map with tunnles and never get shot by that killer beam thing thats up high so it was not fool proof haha. So like in crossout some kind of crazy machine in the background scenes beyond the playable map will shoot at you or something maybe it can be people with molotovs up high throwing random things at you booing kinda like a hey you get back to battle. And if you stay up there u lose reputation battle points aswell. Idk something neat to think about. My brother always says why don’t they make little characters up high that can shoot at you in battle and you can play as them and shoot at that player type deal so you can either play as a small role as a person up high throwing random stuff into the battlefields and shooting into it would be something aswell but thats alot more added to crossout then you can imagine but dreamers dream big. Then you can sit and watch the fights from uptop and sometimes take action and take out some players you might not like as a funny insult type deal. Idk kinda like how they do it in the champion fights in awakening mode type deal.

I didn’t think re-skinning stuff goes to the amazing level. Don’t we already have parts in these shapes?

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Hey smash, I know you love the game and all. You Are always super excited about everything and that is awesome…

But, could you please press the return button every now and then to break up your posts? It would really help people read them instead of skipping over the wall.

I think you would get better reactions :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.