New Forum LOOKS HORRIBLE (bigot says)

It’s different so I don’t like it!

It’s brown so it looks horrible!

It’s not what I’m comfortable with so I hate it!

Delete Crossout.


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I got no issues with it, just roasting that 1st couple posters. And, yeah, it looks like a backup system, though, I don’t think we’re gonna be able to go back to the old one after all this. So, this backup might just be the new normal.

Yeah, you’re in the minority.

This is a massive downgrade:

Nothing listing relevant information that is visible on first glance (You could tell console players vs PC players by a non-0 battle count on the old forum, you could see the battle count before, .etc .etc.)

A worse reply system

Less categories (No splitting of platforms, every discussion is in the same spot by default is just the first one I’m seeing)

Edit 1: Just found something else:

They locked stuff as basic as multiple images behind “trust levels”.

Edit 2: It’s even worse:



So you can only edit for a certain period of time now and the profile is where notifications come from (And even then they’re just the number of who replied to you?)? That’s just hysterical.

Edit 3: It just gets even more hilarious:


oh my God! You mean we have to do a little actual research and sleuthing in order to understand and reply properly to a post? Wow! I’ve never had to do anything like that before! It totally sucks that we aren’t having everything done for us! *crybaby tears
*Now that I got that out of my system, calm down, and get used to taking time in reviewing what you want to reply to. It’s nothing new and, in fact, it’s an art I think my “minority” vastly wishes your majority would start practicing.

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It wasn’t hard to do before, now the interface is even more annoying to use and it’s not even possible for battlecounts to show platform or player newness. Gutting functionality is never a good idea.


It isn’t hard to do now, just different. We are always having to learn something new and, sometimes, being reminded that “the old ways” were better can be a bitter pill we all have to swallow. I remember when I was being taught in school to write on computers and, when i lost my very 1st story, my old man taught me the old “better way” of writing my rough drafts on paper. Yeah, it may be clumsy from time to time but, I assure, it produces better quality work. In this case, I’m certain it will help weed out those who just don’t have the mental fortitude to navigate and, there-by, keep the forum somewhat unclusted with crap posts. I could be totally wrong but it all remains to be seen. Settle in to the new place, kick your feet up and get comfy.

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That’s what I said. This new method isn’t hard, it’s annoying. Spending 5 minutes digging through this mess for basic information should never be a problem.


Researching a topic you care about is hardly annoying. Perhaps you should take your own annoyance as a sign that, maybe, if you’re truly annoyed with the topic enough to be annoyed by researching into it, then, JUST MAYBE, it’s not worth your time to reply to it.

sorry to say…
but this is a CAVEMAN forum,if you like writing on walls fine,or contributing to killing trees to write on paper.
this is 2022 now. We Need To Move Foward into the future,not backwords to the Past.
use a rotary phone and throw away your cell phone…


I hit the heart on that, Good roast! Yes, I caveman who write on walls for future to see when paper and 'puter turn to dust! un-ga-bunga! Really though, being an caveman author, I highly recommend sacrificing a tree or two in order to record the initial drafts of something worthy enough to be published.

I think They call that “trolling”… Bigot? WTF?
I see some things haven’t changed. It’s still toxic AF.

"Welcome to Crossout — thanks for contributing!

  • Be kind to your fellow community members.
  • Does your reply improve the conversation?
  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people."

Ya, thanks for your “contribution.”


my post highlights the ill-judgements made by those who judge things solely, purely, and only based on looks. This core characteristic helps define a bigot. You are most welcome, even though it seems you were being sarcastic.

Honestly, to me, considering that a majority of senior level high school students have been stunted in their education by way of not being able to attend school, to have the intellect of a junior high school-er, I really do think it’s time for the adults to start laying down what reality is…even in game forums. (and yes, im open to my terrible grammar and spelling being corrected).

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I’m not looking at this based on looks, just look at my first post that I’ve edited for the lost functionality from the old forum. The new look isn’t awful but functionality is more important for a forum than it’s appearance.


insert dunning kruger meme.

they even explicitly said, they wanted to get rid of the forum as their primary communcation tool because its not considered popular nowadays. this is a slight nudge to gtfo and a refuge for the boomers who cling on to it.
this simply has to be the cheaper option for them or else they wouldnt have any reason to switch forum templates to begin with.
but yeah, keep on rambling about superb boomer education. can you maybe tell me something about how civics need to be taught more?


I see more fights then anything new posted for ideas here on the forums and thats sad.


strong textI don’t know but I kinda like it… if I wanted pretty I would browse the discord section…but thats just me… :grin:


Correct me if I’m wrong here but you replied to my post, not the other way around. My post is about highlighting a bigots train of thought, if that’s not you, I suggest you maybe stop trying to defend or support or, otherwise, welcome bigotry in the forums by way for trying to make it not sound so bad…because bigotry is bad. Judging things based only on looks, i.e. making a post anywhere/anytime (or just plain saying it out loud to someone) is characteristic of bigotry. Use this information how you will. Currently, you seem to be taking it rather personally…

Terrible this forum, once again the administrator is thinking about his ease of work and not us players. You would be more successful if you fixed the problems within the game, and and remove the boots too, we want Full players matches (including in raids)

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