* New forums to seperate 'ps,xbox and PC' 🤗

can we just get separate forums please for consoles and PC’s ?
it will keep things more clear…for each gaming unit.

Many people play on multi-platforms.

I have had a PC and Xbox account for years.

Log onto each separate forum?

In the other hand.

They’re aren’t really enough members to justify this forum, much less 3.

I asked about it a long time ago, in the old forum, but unfortunately it is not possible
Even then, we had separate sections for playstation and xbox, but the developers never took into account different platforms, they treated everyone as one, and introduced every change for everyone, even if there was no such problem on some platform

Shoud be fine like before the new forum, at least same plataform have same problems, right now most of time you have to ask where you play.
Whatever many player play in more than one platform, usually there is ones whre you play more, i have PC too but my first play is xbox.

They have tags for posts they could be using to separate out posts that only deal with a single platform but they won’t give us those even.

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It’s because unless you are talking about the market, everything else is the same. Their is no need for separate sections.

They are never adding them.

Imagine if we had separate forums all these years, people would be asking for forum cross-play :melting_face:

but they don’t have the same problems and when someone says for example ‘talking about prices and market trying to make coin’ or any other problem with PC,
console players say everything is fine…

'which leaves us PC players scratching our heads,and getting frustrated trying to get them to see the point.

'that’s why all these arguments irrupt due to different platforms.


What are the big differences between the platforms?

Obviously the market is a big one, but it kind of seems to me that the ratio between resource and item prices is still relatively similar. It’s just that coins have different values depending on the platform.
The 6v6 thing on console is a bigger difference to me, and I assume that has some impact on what kinds of builds are most effective in PVP.

Are there any other big differences? Because those two don’t seem that significant to me.

You already know that the PC market has corridors and console does not.

Everything else about the game is pretty much they same.

Separate sections are never going to happen anyways and PC accounts are free.

They don’t have any other differences.

'this whole thing is the problem.
there is no need to ask because other platform users don’t know what ‘all the problems are’ in other platforms.and keep saying there is nothing wrong or right,it’s just a big mess trying to talk about something with a same platform user when a different user jumps in.

‘see…it doesn’t to you,but it does for PC players’
and that’s the point.

there is no way i can comment on any other platform but PC,so why bother confusing people.

Give us an example of a PC only problem that is not the market?

You? maybe not.

But the rest of us can, the game is the exact same except the market.


:monkey: said there is not differences between platforms but hes not correct, theres many differences according to what many pc players said in the past , for example big issue about sealclubbing in low ps which wasnt on playstation, hovers problems which wasnt on playstation and many others. So in fact there’re some differences between patforms and if someone says theres not hes not correct

Read above

Do you think they are going to add a different forum for METAs?

METAs will never be exactly the same.

But the game (besides the market) is the same.

Neither of these differences are actual differences when you play the alternate platform. It’s the same mix of players at all PS levels, pc=xbox=ps There are always a squad here and there at lower ps with fused everything. It isn’t the most common thing people make it out to be on PC or Xbox. (there might be a different “swath” of PS for squads though, I just played through and didn’t hang large time at low ps when leveling accnts to viable build).

There is not a need to separate 50 people into smaller groups on a forum. That is the opposite point of a Forum.

(a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged)

Less people in a sub divided forum = less ideas and views exchanged. Opposite purpose to a forum.

I know many people nowadays think it’s good to only listen to people that say stuff you like to hear, but that is asinine and leads to destruction. (not to mention, in the US is against the principles of the constitution)

But if you do not learn about problems other people have, how do you not learn something you might have overlooked?

This effects the entire rest of the gameplay loop and is quite relevant to the difference between PC and console progression.

It does not effect direct gameplay. (parts are already obtained at this point)


Perhaps MudnBeer thinks he could be king of the PC section lol…

You dont understand

You have asked about only pc problem and I’ve answered

Im not talking about the meta, sealclubbing at low ps are not meta but a problem about gameplay and this a pc only problem