New fusion event

This event seems to be different from the Ravens event which should also be right around the corner. For new players, I highly recommend the Apollo fusion. 200 kg off of your Apollo weight is a game changer.

For me, I got the Beholder fusion. I already have the -mass +power Beholder, but I wanted both versions of the game’s best cabin. with the extra 1250 KG of a +mass version I can build a Beholder spider, or the most common use is a shotgun Flash build. This is usually 2 Breakers or Hammerfalls and a Flash with a Hot Red and 2 Shivers on wheels. I don’t have Breakers or Hammerfalls so this is a work in progress.

I was hoping when I got this fusion that I could make a cool Sleipnir Porc build but I ran into a problem: Neither Sleipnirs nor Omni wheels have the tonnage to support a heavy Beholder build with a Golden Eagle. Then I got a lightbulb: What happens if you put a Hermit non steering or 2 on a Sleipnir build? The answer is that this works great except that your reverse speed is limited to wheel reverse speed of 30 kph. But Devs, the wheel isn’t even touching the ground!

It used to be, that Hermit Non-steering could be mounted on anything to solve all tonnage problems and no hover ever went without them. The developers have cracked down on this but apparently it is still allowed with tracks except for the reversal penalty.

Anyway, I like to get something from every fusion event, because I have major fear of missing out in the game and don’t have that many chances to get the stuff I want.

What are y’all contemplating out of this fusion event?


Nests, why not, not the best weapon, not the best fusion but i have recently found the joy of playing high ps nest trombone build and just being generally annoying with them rather than doing good

That and not really wanting anything else or already having it fused


I love this mentality.
Have fun at all costs!

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I really like Nests now. They take a lot more skill than just using a gun.

I fused up the Mass/Mass Beholder - I can see some fun and fast spider builds in my future when those new light spider legs come out.

I already have the mass fused Apollo so this was an easy choice for me.

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ill probably just do an expanded ammo pack and call it good , i havent been grinding resources lately and was hoping the next fusion event was for all modules


The module and weapons fuse weekend might be soon, since we just had wheels.



I will be checking your Beholder builds on Exhibition to see what I can steal.