New game mode

Okay this one is hard to remember because i was busy all day but ill try to remember what i was thinking earlier for a game mode. I requested Botlam already and thats a world where its like bedlam but filled with bots you can craft, copy and ride, and destory the copy or copies of what you created in the random build generator. Or scan your build to fight it. Others can now fight ur build but you can watch it go down instead of you fight eachother you get to fight creations of eachother or random builds but random wondering ravagers show up to ruin ur fun sometimes so you have to fight them off to continue ur fun. Its basically a bot creation factory for all to enjoy and have fun on and test every build possible but no one can fight eachother but fight bots instead as a game mode alternative of bedlam so we have a hostile environment for everyone and a more peaceful one for the other guy. The reason i requested this game mode was because my kid was being attacked alot in bedlam and i had to go in there to destroy who attacked him repeatedly and of course the ones who attacked him realised that im no pushover lol. Usually have to kill them once and move my guns left n right as to say no to them. But this is actually me and my familys idea and others that i saw complain about hostile behavior in bedlam. Yes its no rules you make ur own but some players don’t like that and would love to see a more creative side so Craft can be a thing again and its not always DESTROY haha but you can still destory ur art but you can duplicate ur car more then once and its like a splice between custom matches and bedlam and the garage and awakening map all put into one map. So the ones who just like to drive around and show off the cool ride you made will now be able to drive around and not get shot at by a bored player or toxic one with buddies to back them up. Some may enjoy this game mode better then bedlam and it would show you how to random build and copy builds in game because if we can show them by playing the game instead of using a menu or buttons might help with less confusion on it all if it was all put into a kind of beginners map. Yeah awakening map is beginners map but it also is huge and most players have basic mini map distance on so its not really helpful on navigation so to say on new players. Lots of new players struggle to understand the game because it has gotten very complex in the garage menu and i am thinking this might eliminate some of the buttons that can be pressed accidentally and will teach you the basics for a beginners mode so you can get a better play style implemented for everyone to navigate better. As for the new mode i finally figured out what i wanted to request as i typed about my botlam request. This mode is called (Just Drive) all you do is try to drive as long as you can on a crazy road and theres obsticles and cool jumps and traps and alot of incoming obsticles that you have to try to get over and figure out. Like a fallen tree stump and you have to push it out of the way or a giant truck broke down and you have to shoot through it and blow it up to get further down the road. Many things can be put in the way and test your ultimate driving machine. Must have 4 tires of any size and a engine and must be within the yellow rectangle for size in the garage you will see we have a yellow rectangle painted on the floor so that will help you design the best ride you can for this. Stallion tires will have an advantage same with some of the bigger tires because of clearance and jump skills but the main objective is to drive as long as you can to the end. Say you start out on a flat valley and drive to a beach then work ur way up to a mountain and into a swamp type deal. Just any environment and weather that you would face like hail storms . Sand storms . Tornadoes . Hurricanes . Tsunamis . Earth quakes. Volcanoes. Meteor showers to snow and black ice to thick mudd. All thrown at you at different levels of difficulty. Any type of driving scenario let it be highway roads to back country roads let it be about driving as long as you can to get their prizes will be at the end of the roads or valleys or forest and its 1 player vs the unknown journey. Just a fun driving experience and exorcise for new player to old players.

this sounds interesting, but I’m having a really hard time reading your idea.

from what I’ve gathered, you want a gamemode with bots, and you let em fight the bots of others?

Again, sounds cool but I have no idea what you mean

Long time players want next game mode …
My ideas 24/7/365

COOP choice for grind resources

Ton of new players insta unninstal game, half pseudo heroes cheating with PS on low PS matches… Try kill triple borer super heavy armored with 3k health in 3-4k PS match lol …

gajin no want money, gajin no want new players … I trust CO OP can help grind for better equip.
Resource rewards :smiley: WTF we have max week limit but we get few waste resources… non exist reason why not giving 100 per match if user is premium.

Its in the old forums if you want to take a look its in xbox dicussions for everyone to view. This game mode about just drive is kind of like just dance. Its very simple but a challenge for long term dancers and drivers lol

I see ur a clan war fella. Well look Mr Dark my ideas are put together in one day usually because thats how i usally go about life. Some ideas i put on here are month long processes through alot of talking with other players and my family who plays. But usually the game mode ideas pop up fast and ill forget them. I regret forgetting the ones i do think then try to remeber but having fun in the game is what im after and I want More! Im technically end game and i never did a clan war once because i liked battles more and raids because the ammount of enemies in my view so I perfer teamwork with more than 4. I miss 8 v 8 it reminded me of halo reach back in the day a little bit in teamwork aspect with an 8 man squad to take care of. But other game modes were fun so i been thinking of other ideas to go into crossout for alot of things. Im not ur clan wars nerd but im the solo player who plays with everyone nerd. So with what you are requesting is not what i had in mind for a discussion lol.