New graphics settings are blinding

I play on PS4, on a 2k native monitor. I have never had an issue seeing while playing until this update. The new colors are similar to what Halo 3 called ‘Juicy’ in their filter options. While it does make colors and contrasts pop, it has the unintended effect of darkening and blending colors together where far off targets appear as one analogous blob with no discernable form or shape, i.e.- A build with guns no protruding over the top of their builds just appears as an anamorphic blob with little to no distinctive features. What’s worse is the continuous orange sparks thrown by every single bullet impact. What makes THAT worse is the exaggerated contrast that tries to darken dark things when things are bright. I.e.- I shoot a part on the center of a spider, the rest of the spider appears to darken 10 shades further making it harder to see what you are hitting. Then there is the exaggerated muzzle flash on both the enemy and my guns. It makes it very hard to see what is going on. Combine that with the extremely low to the ground camera setting that makes you stare at your own build as soon as you start looking up, and it’s at times impossible to see what you are shooting at 100m auead of you and uphill, especially on darker maps like ship graveyard. Then there is the nonstop black smoke from every fire puddle and explosion, which blocks your view even further , exaggerated again by the low to the ground camera angle.

Combine all this together and you can’t clearly see what you are shooting at, you can’t see over your build or any source of fire, every machine gunner including yourself is basically firing full-auto flashbangs (even Worse when the Punisher is on perk).

And I haven’t mentioned a single thing about the new movement parts, of which I have some serious gripes as well.

In short, this is the worst update I’ve ever been a part of, starting first and foremost with the graphics which were the main feature the devs were showcasing with this update. They need to make all the changes optional, including graphics and special effects. Being blinded in battle for a supposed visual upgrade is anything but.

I’m speaking with my wallet now and refuse to buy another battle pass, another subscription, and sadly, not the Catalina I’d been drooling over for a month.

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Buy it for ingame coins, duh.

Only in the graphics part

I’m on hiatus. Time to finish what I started in Valheim. I’ll buy the Catalina for dirt cheap with coins later on, duh.

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I don’t think so. Right now it feels rather balanced. Fairly long to get bonus stacked. Quite likely it’ll be just as Torero - always good and never cheap.
Anyway, if you’ll get it dirt cheap it’ll mean it is nerfed and it’s glory days are done, duh.

yeah i know right, try building a stick on the back of your vehicle like this for now, you will at least be able to see what you are shooting at