New Improvments to Crafting

I can’t speak for consoles, but over here on PC, crafting was just too darn profitable for too darn long. The price of crafting obviously needed to be greatly increased.
Doubling the bench rent to craft rares was genius. This should make sure that nobody exploits this system to earn coins ever again. :unamused:

I presume the other rarity items have doubled in price to craft as well, but I can’t tell, because I have unused coupons covering the other categories, because even with coupons, crafting has usually been only marginally worth it.

I hear it’s a little better on console, but IDK. I know the PC market has sucked ever since corridors were introduced, and earning coins through these two systems (crafting, market) has been very challenging.

I guess I missed the announcement on this development?

I don’t remember it being 3 but I can’t remember the last time I paid that much mind to it. The costs on the other benches seemed like normal.

I tried searching through the patch notes but didn’t see anything. I see it being listed as 3 on crossoutdb but they’re not up to date on that site either as far as new items go. So it had to have changed sometime between the release of thor and now.

Maybe it’s a glitch related to the energy update?

There’s a promo for 5 days 17 hours for it right now so it’s free for a little bit. They don’t have it up in the news right now either.

Around this time 2 years ago, the returns from crafting took a nosedive. Up until then I mostly just crafted blue items, and then suddenly the sale prices plummeted 25-30%. This took the motivation out of crafting, and everyone else I spoke to about it told me they were just selling the resources because, yeah, crafting didn’t pay off anymore.

If i remember, Nobler was making an issue of this (something about market bots driving prices down) but nobody seemed to take him seriously, except maybe me. These days, if I have to craft anything for a daily challenge, I craft a radio and that’s it.

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