New location “dead city”


Next week we plan to release the next update for Crossout which will include a new in-game event and a new PvP mode. Specifically for this mode, we have created a new location “Dead city”, which you can already study in detail with these panoramic images.

Can you guess what kind of mode will appear in Crossout with this update? Share your suggestions in the comments!

P.S. The fans of chaos and non-stop destruction will be pleased.

Hopefully this isn’t another event only map that’ll never make it into general map rotation!
So many maps are made for events/special modes, or teased to be released but aren’t and then there’s even maps that were in general rotation but aren’t accessible now!

The Gonch map Christmas town (think its called that) could be in general rotation with a few updates
The railway bridge that was like the sister to the bridge map was teased never introduced
The refinery map (think that’s its name) Was taken out
The two turrets map, where chase happened
The Valley of the dead, winter highway, tank range, river lighthouse, abandoned town, desolate town.
We even have the Crossout obelisk from the Abandoned town map as a range decoration

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a new pvp mode…
my guess…Friendly Fire :crazy_face:

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Will this be another Death Match Brawl?

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Dead City… Some kind of zombie mode where a couple players get turned zombies at the beginning of the round?

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Full on Levis PvP?

Maybe a take on the ravager’s mode we had a while back where 2 are ravaged and try to turn the others?!


The thing I hate about you guys guessing what it is…

You Will guess cooler things then it really is and I’ll be disappointed


8v8 levi PvP on :partying_face:

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