New Lucifer reload glitch (playstation)

I don’t know about another platforms but there is a new reload glitch with new weapon called Lucifer. This glitch is ruining PvP including clan wars. Fix this piece of junk asap ty


And the glitch is…?

Letting someone know what the problem is might help.

It’s maybe a little OP.

no, garage is weak test…you need to go pvp to test.
everything in garage is to see how things work.
when in in pvp other things come into play,even a map can make u slower.not hit as hard,less damage ect ect.
btw.good to see you doc! Aloha!

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It’s not just PS it’s an Xbox problem too… Which I’m sure also extends to PC.
They need better QC testing before updates.

ofc, PC, 70% CWs today was played against this builds, it felt more like levi when only one was like this.

I’m reporting every player abusing this bug but I’m 99% certain no players will get any sort of punishment. Seems like all the players abusing the glitch are in top clans on pc. In general I finds that the grand grand majority of players that abuse bugs/glitches are from top clans from silver all the way to the top of diamond. Same thing happened with rise of the machines and players abused the time add on glitch from the drones, only players doing it were from top clans, no honour up there at all.

Wouldn’t it do something similar with the adapter?


basically it has to do with hadron, fatman and the lucifer. apparently the lucifer can give the fatman 400% faster reload. idk why it gives that much but jesus lol.
i was wondering if it gave that much with weapons like the mastodon or the mammoth or if its just the fatman. honestly its pretty entertaining to come across that. i guess it also has to do with the fatmans perk of reloading faster to so… yeah lol.

Takes a flat half-second off the cannon’s reload, not a percentage. A percentage would be more balanced in the game’s current state.

i know that. i looked it up on reddit and theres people there who can get it to reload so fast it can reload faster then you can pull the trigger. i see someone fire it like a machinegun. that 0.5 second reload helps it alot to reload quicker lol.

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